10 Wedding Bouquet Ideas for Creative Wrappings

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10 Wedding Bouquet Ideas for Creative Wrappings

Wedding bouquets are the most important bridal accessory, brides love having fun choosing their wedding bouquet for many reasons! Your wedding bouquet will show in most of your wedding pictures, it has to compliment your bridal look and wedding dress, and not mention that many brides keep their wedding bouquets as a memory of this special and wonderful day.

Brides also feel that they can add a personal touch to their wedding bouquet and make it a bit more their style and show off their personalities, how? First of all by choosing their favorite flowers, by choosing their favorite colors, and another little detail which makes a big difference, and that is the wrapping of the handle of the bouquet.

Make your wedding bouquet more unique by wrapping it in beautiful fabrics and materials, from colorful strings, ribbons, to classic lace, the options are endless.

Here are some beautiful wedding bouquet ideas to help you decide on the best wrapping you would like to have for your bouquet: 

Colorful Strings

Choose a beautiful color that you love and have some strings wrapped around your wedding bouquet for a simple and colorful touch.

Classic Lace

For brides who prefer to keep it simple and classic, consider wrapping your wedding bouquet in delicate lace. 


Ribbons are a very feminine and pretty way to wrap your bridal bouquet, choose any color or fabric you like.

Prints and Words

Choose ribbons or fabrics with cute prints or romantic words that can be wrapped around your wedding bouquet.


Add a touch of sparkle and glam to your bouquet by wrapping it with gold glittery ribbons.


If you are having an outdoor wedding or a rustic-themed wedding, consider wrapping your wedding bouquet in burlap for that natural look.


For the bride who loves art, DIY projects, and handmade details, how about a crochet wrap for your wedding bouquet?

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For brides who are having a boho-chic wedding or an outdoor rustic wedding, a macrame wrap is perfect for you.


Keep it classic and simple with a silk or satin wrap for your bouquet. How elegant is that? 


Perfect for winter weddings, a velvet ribbon wrapped around your wedding bouquet will add a rich and warm touch to it.

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