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11 Beautiful Engagement Rings

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11 Beautiful Engagement Rings

There is no engagement or wedding without rings. The custom of wearing a ring has spread widely beyond its origin in Europe. Aside from symbolizing one’s commitment to their partner and their relationship, engagement rings have become a status symbol and fashion statement. This is why people who are planning to buy or give engagement rings are very cautious about what design to choose.

Depending on local cultures, a wedding ring is either worn on the right hand or left hand. In Arab countries, the ring is worn on the right hand on engagement and then moved to the right hand after marriage.

Engagement rings these days can be whatever shape and color you want them to be, although the classic engagement rings are just a golden or silver band, these days couples and jewelry designers are breaking all the rules and creating stunning engagement ring designs.

Many brides prefer an extravagant engagement ring with an elaborate design, but there are many who prefer a simpler and minimal design. Some brides are also very conscious of the brand of their engagement ring. If you’re one of them or planning to propose to someone who is, consider looking at the designs of Melbourne Jeweller, Kalfin, and other well-known jewelers in your country. 

Engagement rings don't have to follow any rules if you fall in love with your engagement ring that's all that matters.


Mixed Metal Wedding RingsMixed Metal Wedding Rings 1Mixed Metal Wedding Rings 2Mixed Metal Wedding Rings 4Mixed Metal Wedding Rings 5

Mixed Metals

If you’re confused about what metal to choose for your engagement or wedding ring, then why not choose more than one?

Mixing metals is becoming more and more popular, such as platinum and rose gold, yellow gold and white gold, and many other options.

If you want something more subtle and classic wedding ring then why not mix 2 shades of gold together?

What is cool about a mixed metal wedding ring is that you don’t get confused about wearing it with your other jewelry or accessories, they go with gold, silver, and even rose gold.

An engagement ring made from mixed metals is rare today, which is why wearing one in your finger will surely make you stand out from the crowd. The unique color combination of the ring can also become your statement piece, regardless of what outfit you wear!

Trinity Wedding RingsTrinity Wedding Rings 1Trinity Wedding Rings 2

Trinity Wedding Rings

Why wear one ring when you can wear three? Trinity wedding rings are stylish, elegant, and timeless. And brides of 2020 are loving trinity wedding rings.

Every bride has her own style when it comes to choosing her wedding ring, as some like extravagant wedding rings, while others prefer simple and minimal wedding rings.

Louis Cartier created the Trinity ring in 1924, and soon enough the Trinity Ring has become one of the most popular rings in the world. Three bands, intertwined in a display of mystery and harmony.

Trinity rings have been away for a while now but they are definitely back with a vengeance!

Many royals and celebrities love the Trinity Ring including Princess Diana and Nicole Scherzinger.

Trinity rings come in different designs and colors, you can either choose your trinity ring in one color or metal, or a combination for example of rose gold, gold, and silver.

If you want to wear a ring that’s unique and appealing, you should definitely consider buying a trinity wedding ring. With the number of jewelers selling this design today, you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect piece that suits your unique style!

Bow Engagement RingBow Engagement Ring 1Bow Engagement Ring 2Bow Engagement Ring 3

The Bow

If you’re a girly girl and love bows, then why not wear a cute diamond bow ring?

It is unique, untraditional, and adorable! You can choose different sizes, styles, and stones.

A bow-shaped wedding ring is perfect for a bride who loves to be fashionable and unique. This kind of ring also showcases your feminine and playful style!

Spiral Engagement RingsSpiral Engagement Rings 1Spiral Engagement Rings 2

Spiral Engagement Rings

If you want a new spin on your classic ring, but still want it to be subtle, the spiral-shaped band is a great way to do this.

In some way the twisted or spiral ring makes us think of the infinity symbol, which symbolizes never-ending love. This design truly showcases the meaning of eternal love!

Square Engagement BandsSquare Engagement Bands 1Square Engagement Bands 2

Square Engagement Bands

Yes, you read that right, square-shaped bands are now becoming a stylish and unique trend!

Although uncommon for some, square engagement bands are actually very elegant, sleek, and unique. Wearing this on your finger might even become the reason why your friends and family will envy you!

They are elegant, sleek, and different. Square-shaped engagement bands are actually more comfortable than round bands, as they don’t restrict your fingers.

So why not stand out with your unique choice of a wedding band, its different, simple, and timeless.

Unexpected ShapesUnexpected Shapes 1Unexpected Shapes 2Unexpected Shapes 3

Unexpected Shapes

For Arab brides who are looking for a totally different wedding ring style that is not traditional at all, you will be pleased to know that the unexpected ring shapes are trending.

The shapes of these engagement and wedding rings are random, artistic, and different.

You can choose one unexpected stone shape or a cluster of smaller stones; there are so many unexpected wedding ring shapes for you, the bride-to-be, which you can choose from.

Nature Inspired RingsNature Inspired Rings 1

Nature-Inspired Rings

If you are untraditional and love the outdoors and nature, then why not symbolize this in your wedding ring?

Nature-inspired wedding rings are elegant, romantic, and will always remind you of how much you love nature.

Moreover, nature-inspired rings offer an excellent opportunity for personalization. Since they require greater craftsmanship, they can be remarkable heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.  

Lastly, nature-inspired rings are also a sustainable option because many are made from ethically sourced materials designed to minimize their impact on the environment.

Double Halo Engagement RingDouble Halo Engagement Ring 1Double Halo Engagement Ring 2

Double Halo Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for an engagement or wedding ring that will make everyone gaze at your finger, that will make you feel like royalty, and look very elegant, a double halo ring is what you should go for.

The halo of diamonds around the center stone of the ring makes the stone appear much larger than it actually is, while also being the perfect frame for your center stone.

What is also great about the double halo ring is that no matter what shape is your diamond, Asscher, emerald, princess, or cushion cut, the smaller diamonds around it can be easily placed to adapt to the shape of the diamond.

If you want a fully customized double halo engagement ring, choose a dedicated jeweller who has the knowledge and experience needed to create a truly unique and high-quality piece. For example, jewellers from Diamondport Brisbane can help you get a detailed, fully customized double halo engagement with time-proven designs based on your budget and timeline.   

Elaborately Shaped Engagement RingsElaborately Shaped Engagement Rings 1Elaborately Shaped Engagement Rings 2

Elaborately Shaped Engagement Rings

Every bride wants her wedding ring to be unique and special, so stand out and be more memorable with an elaborately shaped wedding ring.

Celebrities like Natalie Portman have chosen this wedding ring style.

What do we mean with elaborately shaped wedding rings? It means that the two rings sit perfectly next to each other.

There are different styles for the elaborate wedding ring, such as the Jigsaw wedding ring, where the wedding ring and the engagement ring fit together like a jigsaw piece.

Split Shank Engagement RingSplit Shank Engagement Ring 1

Split Shank Engagement Rings

This wedding ring trend is becoming more popular among brides who want a larger diamond in the center, as it balances the diamond and makes it stand out more. The open space between the two strands of the split shank can enhance the sparkle and brilliance of the center stone, as it allows more light to reach the diamond from different angles.

Split shank engagement rings have a classic design, making them more charming, elegant, and timeless. Moreover, they can work well with various diamond shapes and settings, from classic solitaires to more elaborate halo designs. This versatility allows you to create a customized ring that fits your style and preference.

Hexagon Engagement RingHexagon Engagement Ring 1Hexagon Engagement Ring 2

Hexagon Engagement Ring

Modern brides love the perfectly symmetrical hexagon ring, they are bold, unique, and geometrical.

If you’re looking for a unique design that expresses your individuality, this design is perfect for you.

The hexagon ring has 6 sides in equal lengths, and it usually symbolizes communications, balance, and union.

The hexagonal cut associated with the ring complements different stones, especially the colored ones. It can also be flattering on various finger shapes and sizes. The angular lines of the hexagon can help to elongate the finger and create the illusion of length.

Engagement Rings

Make Careful Decisions

Regardless of what your preference is, there will always be an engagement ring that fits the bill. However, when choosing, you shouldn’t only consider the design of the jewelry. You should also think about its maintenance and if the piece actually suits your lifestyle.

As long as you know what to consider and you’re able to scout for several options, it won’t be long before you can find the perfect engagement ring!

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