Take Care of Your Skin this Winter

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Take Care of Your Skin this Winter

No matter the season, you should always look after your skin and make sure you take the right steps when it comes to your skincare routine.

Keep in mind that each season requires a different skincare routine, and with winter comes to a lot of beauty concerns and issues, but why not prevent these issues before they take place?

During winter you should pay some extra attention to your skin, to help you out here are our tips for you to get your skin ready for winter:

Start On The Inside

For good skin all year, start a healthy diet plan, fill your diet with vegetables, fish, and healthy fats. You can even take a daily Omega 3 supplement which is great for your hair and skin.

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It is very important to get rid of dead skin cells, but don’t be too harsh when exfoliating, use a mild product, and use it once a week.

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Keep your skin, face, and lips moisturized, look for products that have anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants.

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Stay Hydrated

Skin dehydration often happens due to low temperatures and cold winds in winter, so make sure to drink enough water and eat foods high in the water as well.


Yes even in winter you will need to use sunscreen on your face and neck, so pick a face cream that offers at least SPF 15.

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