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Beautiful Wedding Dresses For Fall/Winter

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Beautiful Wedding Dresses For Fall/Winter

We all know how romantic fall and winter weddings are, they just have that romantic warm feeling to them, especially that fall and winter always have some of the most beautiful holidays, that make the season more beautiful and special. When it comes to weddings, the trends, theme, and overall vibe changes every season, summer and spring weddings are very different from fall and winter weddings. So it is only normal that bridal fashion trends also change according to seasons, and now that fall is here and winter is just around the corner, we decided to help you beautiful fall and winter brides find the perfect wedding dress by giving you some amazing inspiration.

How do fall and winter wedding dresses differ from spring and summer wedding dresses? Well, first of all, a bridal gown can be mostly be worn all year long even though the style may suit one season more than the other, but to help you look your best, we decided to share some beautiful wedding dresses that are perfect for the cold chilly weather ahead.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

When you think about winter wedding the first thing that comes to your mind is a long sleeve wedding dress because they are perfect for the colder weather, not only will they keep you warm, they are also timeless, and not to mention that wedding gowns with long sleeves are a favorite among royals, get inspired by Kate Middleton, Grace Kelly, and other beautiful royals who chose to wear long-sleeved bridal dresses for their wedding day. Your sleeves can be done in different materials, lace, silk, or any other fabric that suits your wedding dress.

Wedding Dresses with Elegant Capes

Although they can be worn any season because they are made of light fabrics when you think about wedding dresses with capes you directly think of a winter wedding.

Out Of The Box Cover-Ups

From leather jackets to feathered boleros, brides are getting more creative in keeping warm during their wedding day.

Removable Hoods

Yes, it looks like hoods are now in trend for winter brides who want to take their bridal look to a whole new level, for the bold and daring bride who wants to make a statement, a removable hood is definitely for you. 

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