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Winter Fashion Accessories-What Not to Miss

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Winter Fashion Accessories-What Not to Miss

Are you planning on having your wedding this winter? Then you will need to keep warm yet stay stylish and elegant. Let us give you some advice on your accessories just to make sure you're all set for the big day!


To keep your wedding gown, hair and makeup protected in case of sudden rain, don't hesitate to have an umbrella ready at all times. Look around and try to find a cute umbrella (preferably white) that would go with the wedding theme. And if you would rather not be carrying an umbrella, then ask one of your friends or relatives. Hey, it’s your day after all.


You should always keep in mind that your shoes should be comfortable on your big day (this should be considered in all seasons of course!) but especially in winter. With wet streets and floors you need something that is not slippery, so try to wear lower heels just to stay on the safe side. Also, try them on with your gown to make sure the length works, and try to break in your shoes by wearing them around the house a week before the wedding.

If it’s already raining or snowing outside, consider wearing any comfortable shoes or rain boots (that would make for one funky bride!) on your way to the venue to protect your wedding shoes from getting dirty or wet. Just make sure you get your wedding shoes in a bag and make time to change into them before the big entrance.

Staying Warm:

You don’t have to freeze in this cold weather and sacrifice your health just to show off your wedding dress, you can easily be warm, comfortable and elegant.

As a winter bride, choosing your coat, shawl, or cape is as important as choosing your dress, so look for something that suits you and matches your dress. It can either be short or long according to your dress, and could be made of satin, velvet, cashmere or fur. Be sure to ask around for stores that sell bridal accessories such as gloves or cardigans, and try different things until you find something that suits you.