The 2019 Nicole Wedding Dresses: Romeo and Juliet

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The 2019 Nicole Wedding Dresses: Romeo and Juliet

Nicole 2019 Collection is designed for an international and glamorous bride.

Graceful lines are combined with the lightness of tissues, enriched by ethereal or princely volumes. Soft chiffon skirts and tulle with floral and precious bodices, embroidery enriched by pearls and Swarovski crystals, up to rebreed lace.

In addition, fabulous mermaid dresses, beautiful semi-transparent necklaces and elegant tattoo effect backs. French lace en riched by golden threads.

Embroidery on each single dress is unique with the addition of beads, crystals and 3D silk flowers to enhance the dresses .Glitter sparkling tulle makes fairy skirts shine. Tones are bright white, delicate powder pink, ivory pastel hints, up to warm colours. Nicole’s bride wants to wear a beautiful work of art full of exclusivity.

Nicole Luxury Collection is designed on the occasion of the Italian company’s 20th anniversary. Embroidered or 3D effect laces, fascinating silhouettes, deep and sensual necklaces, precious dresses in warm and bright tones. A capsule for a demanding public. Unique, luxurious and sumptous dresses for a bride who wants to make the difference.