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4 Stunning Places Around the World for a Winter Wedding

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4 Stunning Places Around the World for a Winter Wedding

The winter season is a magical period of the year when the atmosphere gets cozier and more romantic. Even though this is generally a low season for weddings in many countries, couples can enjoy all the benefits of a snowy wedding with gorgeous landscapes and scenery. 

Wedding planners at Belief Wedding Creators have selected 4 stunning places around the world for a winter wedding and have shared some tips and advice with Arabia Weddings on getting married in winter. 

Here are 4 stunning places around the world for a romantic winter wedding:

Valentina Lobardi - Photo by Fabio FistralValentina Lobardi - Photo by Fabio FistralA Viviana Reati Winter Wedding Viviana Reati Winter WeddingViviana Reati Winter Wedding

The Alps – France/Italy

Do you want to literally reach the skies on your wedding? Getting married in the Alps might be a good choice. "Winter Weddings are magical, but also not very simple to organize. My venues are reachable mostly by gondola or snow mobile, and all the stuff must be brought with them. But when you are in the middle of the snow, at 1800 meters, you touch the sky", says the wedding planner Viviana Reatti, from Wedding in Cortina, who recommends the Dolomites region, in Italy, for winter weddings.

Valentina Lombardi, wedding planner from Italian Wedding Company, also believes that the Alps is the best option during winter. "Northern Italy is not only about Lake Como, Milano, Venice and other Lakes. It is also about majestic Alps! If you are keen for a real winter wedding we can suggest Dolomite Alps or Aosta Valley and its jewel Courmayeur", she explains.

Courmayeur village is located on foot of Mont Blanc. "Mont Blanc is the so called Roof of Europe and with its white mantel stands high and proud between Italy, Swiss and France. It is just here on top of one of the highest European mountains that we can celebrate a legal civil ceremony and a romantic intimate reception to follow. How can we reach it? Easy! With hi-tech futuristic and zero impact Skyway Monte Bianco. It is a cableway that will lead you up to 3466 m. above the sea level on Mont Blanc glacier to tie the knot! Dreamy! And most of all, believe it or not, being on a glacier you can get a winter wedding - even in full summer!", suggests Valentina Lombardi.

If you wish to go to a winter destination like ski resorts, then you need to look at minimum stays and issues such as accessibility for your guests. Snow is beautiful but it can be a tricky thing. "In any case, if you want to have parts of the wedding outdoors if the weather allows (cold but not rainy), you need to think of ways to keep your guests warm: Hot drinks, covers, heaters, etc", suggests Marie-Laure Giacomelli, from Giacomelli Weddings.

Also, Valentina Lombardi reminds us that being cold is being uncomfortable and nobody wants to feel bad on his/her wedding day. "I suggest warm wedding dresses and most of all comfortable warm shoes that can help to go in amazing snowy spots for winter wedding photos. A winter wedding could be really luxury but, in many cases, can be also very rustic and authentic. This does not mean that you won't be stylish but just very different. Most of the events will take place indoors, as having a reception outdoor could be very difficult. But we can create wonderful winter themed decors", she affirms.

Already imagining how to decorate your wedding in the Alps? Marie-Laure Giacomelli recommends using winter colors and materials: Pine, tree, white and snow. "A fun theme for winter could be a hygge wedding, for example, with candles, a fireplace and this warm spirit. You can also enjoy warm colors like jewel tones of blue, emerald or red", she mentions.

Valentina also thinks that it might be a good idea to have silvery and crystal decorations, berries, holly, pomegranates and twinkle lights to add that frosty feel you are looking for to your winter wedding. "Candlelight and illuminated trees will make the rest to create a special holiday inspired winter wonderland event. Bride and bridesmaid wearing fur capes, boots, white coats or stoles with crystal and sparking details", she states.

Winter is also a good time for food. Viviana Reatti, Valentina Lombardi and Marie-Laure Giacomelli recommend to have deer, mushrooms, season vegetables, cup of Vin Brule (mulled wine) and a "raclette" meal. "Fun and friendly wedding mood as guaranteed. In France, we have shellfish and oyesters that cover christmas tables. We also enjoy salmon, foie gras and escargot", says Marie-Laure Giacomelli.

Photography by Fabio Fistral

New York City - USA

New York City offers so many locations during the winter for couples getting married. "Everything from museums, lofts, rooftops studios, even the great outdoors depending on what they are looking for", says Jacqueline Vazquez, wedding planner, Lifetime Events by Jacqueline.

Another advantage to getting married in New York during winter is that the city offers the best backdrop and you don’t need to spend a lot with decor. "If couples want to highlight the location, sometimes less decor is best. Some locations may also have winter themed decor, and the couple may not need to do too much to the space they select", explains Jacqueline Vazquez.

NYC also scores lots of points when it comes to gastronomy. "New York offers a variety of menus year-round, so what I would add to highlight the winter season are stations including coffee and/or hot chocolate, smores stations, or even a variety of soup stations", suggests Jacqueline Vazquez.

Veronica Frasca - photo by Bandel StudioVeronica Frasca, photo by Bandel Studio

Milan and Bergamo - Italy

Looking for gorgeous venues during winter? Milan and Bergamo, 2 cities in Italy, can be a good place to get married at. According to Veronica Frasca, from Tailored Dream Events, "they offer beautiful venues for indoor celebrations and facilities for every kind of budget, and mountain villages like Bormio or Livigno, where it is possible to take amazing pictures on the snow and find lovely locations where to celebrate the wedding. Choosing a town can be a great choice because they are full of options and offer a lively atmosphere all the year long", she advises.

Veronica Frasca explains that these options are the best in winter because other areas, like Lake Como, for example, which is highly requested during summer season, offer less options in this period and a less joyful atmosphere, as the Lake looks a bit sad during winter.

Moreover, if weather permits it, taking pictures in the most charming areas of ancient towns offers great backgrounds and less crowded spaces than in summertime. "Last but not least, towns like Milan, Varese or Bergamo and their countryside areas are closer to international airports and, therefore, involve lower costs for transportation", claims Veronica Frasca.

And, of course, since we are talking about Italy, we must mention the food. "Most typical food in winter time is for sure risotto. It can be served with every kind of ingredient, but during winter time the best combination is for sure with cheese. It is absolutely perfect to warm you up after a walk in the cold. Ravioli, stuffed pasta, are also very typical in this period. They can be served with a sauce or in broth", suggests Veronica Frasca.

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Jadee Fernandes McGowan - Photo by Mister and Misses doJadee Fernandes McGowan - Photo by Mister and Misses doJadee Fernandes McGowan - Photo by Mister and Misses doJadee Fernandes McGowan - Photo by Mister and Misses do

Cape Town - South Africa

If you’d like to run away from the summer in June, July or August, then Cape Town might be perfect for a winter wedding.

"The winelands of Stellenbosch, Franschoek and Paarl make for an ideal winter wedding destination, although Cape Town offers so many all round good weather months", says wedding planner Jadee Fernandes McGowan.  

For a winter wedding in Cape Town, you need to consider the flowers and what needs to be imported, as well as, local fruit and vegetable produce if you are choosing a farm to table experience at one of Cape Town's beautiful wineries. "Winter also means icy cold winds but we get beautiful clear and crisp days which encourage outdoor ceremonies and indoor receptions. We do always advise an alternative ceremony and pre drinks or dinner venue in case the weather turns", suggests Jadee McGowan.

The best thing about it is that due to low season rates in Cape Town, many hotels and venues offer better pricing to ensure a sustainable winter income for themselves, according to Jadee Fernandes McGowan.

Feeling cold during Cape Town’s winter? Jadee explains that as South African food is heavily influenced by Dutch and Asian roots, you can incorporate butternut soups, hearty curries and farm to table meaty roasts to your wedding menue.

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