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8 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding in Lake Como

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8 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding In Lake Como

If you watched movies like “007 Cassino Royale”, “Ocean’s Twelve”, “Murder Mystery” or even “Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones”, you might have seen the gorgeous landscapes of Lake Como, in Lombardia, Italy. This is the third-largest lake in the country, and it is a very popular tourist attraction with many artistic and cultural gems. Besides all that, Lake Como is also a great place to get married; the singer John Legend and the model Chrissy Teigen chose this charming region to “say I do”. You can see some images of Lake Como and their wedding in John Legend's video for his hit song “All of Me”, which is a popular first dance song. 

If you are curious to know why this place is among one of the most beautiful landscapes to get married at in Italy, Italian wedding planners Sabrina Gambato (Ti Amo Ti Sposo Weddings), Alessandra Fabi (Italian Wedding Company) and  Serena Ranieri (Italian Event Planners) – members of the international community Belief Wedding Planners - share some great tips and reasons for the best Lake Como Weddings

For a beautiful Italian destination-inspired wedding take a look at these ideas!

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Alessandra Fabi Wedding Planner - Nastaran Alain

1. Romantic Landscapes and Refined Atmosphere

According to Sabrina Gambato, Lake Como is famous all over the world for its romantic landscapes and refined atmosphere. “Since ancient times, many Italian Noble families used to choose this area to build their holiday houses. For centuries, it was considered the playground of royals, sultans, and VIPs of all types. For one day, you and your guests will relish in the history that makes this area one of the world’s leading destinations”, she says. Nowadays, George Clooney and Robert DeNiro like to spend their holidays there, but the region is also frequented by other celebrities like Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

“It is a prestigious location. In fact, this area is often chosen by VIPs who go there to spend their holidays. This happens because it is a territory away from the noise – it is a land immersed in nature and surrounded by the mountains: The secular trees and the historic villas reflect themselves into the water of the Lake… it is a unique scenario like no other!”, mentions Serena Ranieri.

Wedding Planner Alessandra Fabi agrees with that: “Lake Como is the most picturesque travel destination for lovers. If there's one thing Lake Como offers, it's the breathtaking views. This means unbelievable wedding pictures”.

Alessandra Fabi Wedding Planner - Villa Balbianello

2. Mild Climate

The weather in Lake Como tends to be really suitable for weddings. “You can plan your wedding from March/April until October/November. You can enjoy the nature and decide to hold your reception directly on the shores of the lake”, says Sabrina Gambato of Ti Amo Ti Sposo.

However, pay attention to these tips: According to Serena Ranieri, Italian Wedding Planners, the weather in Lake Como changes quickly and it’s better to choose April, May, June, September and the beginning of October for your wedding in Lake Como. “March is really nice since Spring is coming, but you can find some stormy days. July and August are also beautiful months, but the temperature rises, it can be very hot with a lot of humidity which could be challenging for you and your guests”, she explains.

Risotto with Pesce Persico at Lake Como

3. Amazing Food

Once you are in Italy, there is no doubt that you can enjoy some of the most amazing gastronomies in the world. According to Serena Ranieri, the cuisine of Lake Como mixes the traditions of fishermen with the mountain ones. “Lake fish dishes (grilled, fried or marinated) are proposed almost everywhere. In fact, the typical dish of Lake Como is Missoltini, a dish prepared with agone fish pressed and conserved with an aromatic herb and then grilled and served with wheat polenta cooked with red wine. This is a perfect example of how the cuisine of Lake Como is made: Chefs here often combine the delicate flavor of fish with more rustic and stronger flavors - simply delicious!”, Serena explains.

Sabrina Gambato and Alessandra Fabi also recommend the "Risotto with Pesce Persico"; a delicious dish made with local freshwater fish which is pan fried and served on top of a white risotto.

When you are tired and hungry, a good tip is to go to one of the restaurants in Bellagio. “One of my favorites is, for sure, Silvio!”, mentions Alessandra Fabi.

Alessandra Fabi Weddings

4. Strategic Location

Lake Como is very close to the international airport of Malpensa in Milan, and it is also well connected to Milan Linate airport and Bergamo Orio al Serio. “This means that people can arrive easily from everywhere”, says Serena Ranieri.

Also, according to Sabrina Gambato, if you want your wedding to be a real "experience", you can decide, the day after the wedding, to travel with your guests and visit Venice, Verona, Cinque Terre, and Portofino or to go to Switzerland. “Lake Como is also a good city to start your Italian honeymoon”, she adds.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Lake Como

5. Glamorous Hotels

If you are looking for lake Como wedding venues, The wedding guests will be blown away by the beauty and charm of hotels at Lake Como, according to Alessandra Fabi.

"The Mandarin Oriental and the Grand Hotel Tremezzo are my favorite ones; true examples of Italian hospitality's excellence", says Serena Ranieri.

Other wonderful hotels in Lake Como include Hotel Belvedere, Hotel Villa Flori, Relais Villa Vittoria, Il Sereno and many others. 


Villa Erba - a wonderful wedding venue in Lake Como

6. Legendary Villas – the best venues for your weddings

Lake Como is absolutely the spot with most legendary Villas that are now open for hosting spectacular weddings and special events. Sabrina Gambatto tells a little bit about each one of them:

1) Villa Balbianello: 

It is, without a doubt, one of the most prestigious wedding venues in Lake Como. The setting is flawless and delightful to the eyes: Manicured trees and shrubs cascading towards the blue waters of the lake, terraces, flowerbeds, a splendid staircase, and an old church. 

2) Villa Erba: 

An exclusive property with an immense botanical park located in the chic village of Cernobbio, it has hosted some of the most exclusive events in the world (Hollywood movie Ocean’s Twelve was shot here). The heart of the Villa is a cathedral hall, surrounded by dramatic stone balconies. With its ancient frescoes, its ornate ceilings and lavish interiors, Villa Erba provide the perfect setting for a luxury Wedding.

3) Villa d'Este: 

Is an opulent hotel overlooking Lake Como. Lushly landscaped gardens (25 acres of them), breathtaking views, award-winning cuisine, best in class service and luxurious rooms make Villa d’Este the premier setting for the most memorable day of your life.

Take a look here at the Top Villas to Rent for a Destination Wedding at Lake Como!

Alessandra Fabi Weddings -

7. Amazing Places for your Guests to Visit

Your guests will probably arrive a few days before the wedding or will plan to stay a few extra days in Lake Como. Here are some tips from Sambrina Gambato, of Ti Amo Ti Sposa to explore local attractions:

1) Town Center: Starting from Piazza Vittoria, home of the monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi, walk along the medieval walls that enclose the Como town center. One of the most typical things to see is the outdoor market (is located next to Porta Torre), where you can find vintage clothing and handcrafts.

Cafés and shops that will make your holiday unforgettable: Piazza San Fedele is one of the main squares of Como and it hosts a beautiful Romanesque church which dates back to 1120: the Basilica of San Fedele. You should continue towards Piazza del Duomo, which hosts the Cathedral. Visiting the Como Cathedral (Duomo di Como) is definitely one of the best things to do in Como, since the church is characterized by a set of styles ranging from Romanesque to Gothic.

2) Lakefront Walk this is the best place for pictures! Start from Piazza Cavour, go left and reach Life Electric, the newly installed monument by arch star Daniel Libeskind. The avant-garde work is located at the bottom of a small artificial dam and is a homage to the voltaic pile invented by Alessandro Volta. If you want to visit the lake by boat, from Piazza Cavour you will have the chance to take a boat and reach the other amazing Lake Como’s towns: Bellagio, Menaggio, and others. 

3) Brunate Experience: Visit Brunate, a town that overlooks Como from the top of a hill 715 meters high. Get on the cable car and enjoy a breathtaking view.

4) Cultural Sites: Museums and cultural routes (Romanesque churches, Rationalist buildings, Alessandro Volta places).

Serena Ranieri says that all the towns located on the Lakeshores are worth visiting. “Como still preserves its medieval structure and Lecco, which are the biggest cities, have many picturesque villages that deserve a visit too. These include Cernobbio (where the famous movie maker Luchino Visconti used to spend his holidays), Bellagio (where the two branches of the Lake meet), Varenna (with its colored houses under the Castle). Guests can also take advantage of Lake Como's position to go visiting the main cities of Northern Italy, like Milano, Bergamo, and Venice”, she concludes.

Italian Event Planners - Photo by Pulse Production

8. Boat Trips

Lake Como offers stunning venues, the majority of which can be reached by boat “this makes the experience of a wedding there a dream within a dream!”, says Serena Ranieri.

Alessandra Fabi mentions that the wedding party can enjoy unforgettable water experiences, a Riva motorboat trip is the best way to enjoy the charm of Lake Como.


Below are some more pictures of Lake Como's weddings to enjoy.

Article contributed by: Belief Wedding Planners

Images provided by Alessandra Fabi (Italian Wedding Company) are from Morlotti, Davide Zanoni, Franco Milani, DS Visuals, Women in Wedding and David Lichtag.

8 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding In Lake Como8 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding In Lake Como8 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding In Lake Como8 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding In Lake Como8 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding In Lake Como8 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding In Lake Como8 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding In Lake Como8 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding In Lake Como8 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding In Lake Como8 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding In Lake Como

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