6 Things a Groom Should Know About Formal Wear

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6 Things a Groom Should Know About Formal Wear

Getting ready for the wedding is as difficult on the groom as it is on the bride. Men like things simple and easy, so to help you out here are a few things you should know:

Start planning early: Decide on which style of suit or tuxedo you want to wear as early as possible. Securing your wedding day tux earlier could get you a good discount and you won't worry about it last minute before your wedding.

Involve your bride: Ask your bride for her opinion, take her with you when you go to try out your tuxedo. You want to make sure she likes and approves on how you will look, and you don't want to surprise her on your wedding day.

Educate yourself on etiquette: Your bride and family will expect you to look and act your best on your wedding day, so do learn the most common etiquette when it comes to formal wear. For example cutaway jackets should have only one tail before 6 pm, and two tails after.

Learn to tie your tie: Whether you are wearing a tie or a bowtie, this is your best chance to learn how to tie it yourself.

Pamper yourself: Everyone tells the bride to relax, but you should pamper yourself too! Treat yourself to a manicure a day or 2 before the wedding, or have a facial a week before. Remember you might be taking pictures of your wedding rings, (which means your hands) so you don't want them to look bad on this special day.

Enjoy the compliments: Wearing a tuxedo on your wedding day is not just a tradition; they have been in fashion for centuries for a reason; men look good in them! Since all eyes will be on you and your bride, wear that beautiful smile, and enjoy the compliments.