Grooming Products You Can Steal From Women and Babies

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Grooming Products You Can Steal From Women and Babies

We recently shared our favorite products that women can steal from men, but what about men who like to take care of their looks as well?

Here are some of our favorite beauty products which you can steal from women and babies too:

  • Baby Products:

Baby Oil: It’s great to apply baby oil after the shower; don’t forget your feet as well.  After you apply some baby oil on your feet wear a pair of cotton socks before going to bed. Your feet will look and feel great the next day.

Sudocrem: Yes, it is used on babies to cure rashes, but it is also great to treat acne, sunburn and eczema. It is also great for razor burns and cuts.

Vaseline: Use Vaseline as a lip balm, since it moisturizes and doesn’t have a scent or color which makes it perfect for men to use. It is also great for very dry skin.

  • Women Products:

Facial Cleaning Wipes: They are usually used by women as makeup removers, but they are also great to use when you want to freshen up while travelling or before a meeting.

YSL Touche Éclat: A highlighter pen designed to lighten and freshen up skin around the eyes; it instantly helps you look less tired and fights fatigue, especially if you have been up all night.