6 Types of Bouquets: Which One Fits You?

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6 Types of Bouquets: Which One Fits You?

One of the most challenging choices you will make for your wedding day is your choice of the wedding bouquet style. There are many styles to choose from, and it can be difficult to select just one.

However, you don’t have to browse thousands of popular types online because we’ve narrowed down the best options for you here. See below our top 6 wedding bouquet styles: 

Cascade Bouquets

One of the most popular options for bridal bouquets is the cascading bouquet. They are perfect for wedding themes that offer a dramatic ambiance because the flowers can mimic a waterfall as it drapes over the bride’s hands. You can incorporate your personality here by choosing flowers that mirror your style.

You can also add some greenery to give it more depth. If you are the modern type, you can incorporate long-stemmed calla lilies or orchids to perfect that dramatic look. Make sure that it complements your wedding dress.

Posy Bouquets

Another popular choice for brides is the posy bouquet. Since they are small enough to hold, they are perfect for brides who want something uncomplicated for their wedding day.

They commonly include flowers that are wrapped with ribbons that match the overall wedding theme. Include a bit of your personality here by including your favorite flowers.


A nosegay bouquet is similar to posy bouquets. With nosegays, however, there’s more emphasis on greenery and less on flowers.

Due to its compact size, they are best reserved for bridesmaids or flower girls. So, if you don’t feel like having your flower girls get a pomander, a nosegay is probably ideal for them.

Composite Bouquets

One bouquet type that is growing in popularity recently is the composite bouquet. These are often reserved for professional florists because they are very complicated to make and take years of experience to pull off with precision.

The idea is to recreate a single flower made from petals and buds. Each petal must be chosen with astounding detail to create a luxurious vibe. If you are going to opt for this type, make sure that your florist knows how to make it. Ideally, you should work with professionals like Juniper Flowers so you have the assurance that it will be completed to your liking.

Hand-Tied Bouquets

If you are planning to DIY your wedding bouquet, you may try going for the hand-tied arrangements, which are perfect if your theme is boho (bohemian) themed. The key here is to give the entire arrangement a casual, yet sophisticated look.

You can achieve this by letting the stems fall without following a specified length. Then, tie them up using a ribbon that matches your wedding theme. You can watch YouTube videos on how to elegantly tie your ribbons so it doesn’t look too messy. You don’t want your bouquet to look like a five-year-old prepared it!

Contemporary Bouquets

For modern brides who are not bound by rules, a contemporary bouquet works best. This bouquet type doesn’t need to follow any set forms or motif. In fact, some even get creative and create a bouquet that works. You can add some greenery, an air plant, or use tropical flowers like birds of paradise. If you are aiming for versatility and flexibility, you can never go wrong with a contemporary bouquet.

Choosing the wedding bouquet that works for you comes down to your personal preference, style, budget, and wedding theme. Carefully factor in each component to decide on what type of flower bouquet is best for you.

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