9 Ways to Make Your Virtual Wedding a Bonafide Bash

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9 Ways to Make Your Virtual Wedding a Bonafide Bash

Virtual wedding, anyone? We hear your groaning…

Virtual weddings can get boring, no doubt. Nothing beats congregating at a venue, letting your hair down, bumping into old and new friends as you dance the day away. However, situations would make you move the wedding over to Zoom, Facebook, or even Skype. Instead of sitting on a couch and droning on or getting bored to death, try out these virtual wedding ideas. From stunning virtual wedding decor to home wedding ideas, custom playlists, drive-by, and more. See how to make your event a bonafide bash:

1. Mail pre-wedding packages to the guests

Get the guests excited by sending them virtual wedding favors in the mail. Items that you can send include personalized wine flutes plus mini wine bottles with your names and wedding date. Notify your guests that they should use them for the virtual champagne toast. You can also send them customized koozies and themed props for your photos. Ask them to upload their wedding props pictures on Instagram using your hashtags.

2. Spring a surprise video

A surprise video is one of the best virtual wedding reception ideas. It ensures the success of virtual wedding planning because you are bringing all your loved ones on board. Discreetly message your dearest persons to make short videos congratulating you or sending special wishes. Edit, cut, and merge all these wishes into a 10-minute video. Play it at your reception and there would be no dry eye. This is the best of virtual wedding ideas.

3. Create a virtual guest book

You can get countless wedding ideas online and one of them is a platform like Kudo board. Platforms like this help create virtual guest books where guests can log in, leaving you goodwill messages and wishes. They can also upload pictures and selfies taken during the wedding. You can download this book, print it, and bind it with the cutest cover and preserve it as a keepsake.

4. Curate the ultimate playlist

A virtual wedding guest will look forward to your big day if they have a role to play. One of the best ways to get the guests hooked to your virtual wedding party is by curating the playlist with them. Send a broadcast to all the guests asking them to mail you their favorite wedding songs and recommendations. Arrange them into a master list, make your pick, and get ready to wow your guests.

5. Invitations like a signature cocktail

One of the most refreshing virtual wedding ideas is letting the guests make your signature cocktail. Include the recipe on your virtual wedding invitation before mailing them to guests. Mailing them in the virtual wedding cards lets the guests take note and acquire the necessary items and mixers for the affair. If there is enough time for a long wedding, you can enjoy a mixology class with your guests, too.

6. Wedding parades and drive-by

Bring the virtual wedding decorations to the real world by organizing a drive-by parade. Let guests decorate their cars and trucks to mirror the zoom wedding decorations. Then they would parade your home and hunk or yell to wish you congratulations. This is also an opportunity to drop what would have been their virtual wedding gift, physically. All you would do is stand at the door or driveway and lap up the love while your videographer covers the event. A drive-by parade signifies support, love, and thoughtfulness from your loved ones.

7. Let guests dress formally

Virtual wedding ideas are great but looking like a bombshell is eternal. Guests are looking for opportunities to rock those shoes and outfits. Give it to them and set the tone for your wedding. Let your wedding invitation notify them that it's a party and they are welcome to knock out everyone with their looks.

8. Give wedding roles to virtual guests

Aunt Bertha would love to read you a poem, mama would gladly sing you a song, and daddy wants to reminisce. You might also have a best friend that wants to tell the world that you're an angel or a cousin who plays the saxophone. Engage your loved ones and let them show off. When you carry them along, they will make sure you have the best day.

9. Introduce fun games

Virtual weddings for fun don't get better than games. Make guests laugh and keep their spirits high throughout the wedding by introducing games that can be played virtually. Digital trivia, board games, and cards would work best for this wedding type. Create passwords to sites that offer virtual games and distribute them to your guests. They can log in and play with each other at any time. You can make it more interesting by offering incentives to the winners of the games.

Virtual wedding ideas help couples roll out interesting activities to help them host a bonafide bash. There are many ideas to adopt but we have listed some of the best and most unique. Check them out, make your pick and get ready for a day of fun, love, and laughter.


Author: Anastasia Beluschenko, with a specialty in wedding dresses, joined Wedding Forward over five years ago. She knows everything about wedding dresses from styles to trends, fit, and designers. Her great sense of style makes it easy for her to expertly predict the newest and hottest wedding dress trends. For leisure, she loves court tennis and stretching.


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