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Ashi Studio Spring/Summer 2020 Wedding Dresses

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Ashi Studio Spring/Summer 2020 Wedding Dresses

Saudi fashion house Ashi Studio is known for creating fabulous designs, the collection of Ashi’s spring/summer 2020 wedding dresses is titled “Emotions” because of the “overflow of feelings experienced during the disconnection from reality and transcendence of dreams and the subconscious.” 

Ashi captures various forms, shapes, and emotions into the fabric and designs of his next masterpieces.

The collection features dramatic silhouettes, voluminous sleeves, and endless trains in a trio of white, grey, and gold, specifically choosing the golden hue in his new palette because of its unique storytelling properties.

“It is reflective and acts like a mirror, allowing one to reflect in the mirror and wonder where the journey will continue to,” explained the Studio.