The Basics of Finding Love Online and Dating Apps

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The Basics of Finding Love Online and Dating Apps

Love is in the air, even if you can’t feel it. There is always a part of us that is considered a “romantic.” It might be because of our own innate need for companionship. It is a complicated part of our existence nowadays as most people swear that it is better to live alone. There are even studies that show more millennials prefer pets over romance, and that is an interesting topic to study even further.

It seems as the generations keep getting younger, the idea of romance seems to be fading. They are becoming more cynical about love, asking questions about the implausibility of a real relationship. It is sad to hear really, as there are so many options in finding love these days. You just have to know where to start.

You can find love in varying forms. There is the idea of parental love, which of course comes from the people who raised you. It is also known as a filial type of love which encompasses even other people such as friends and pets. There is also agape, the universal love for everything in this world. It is meant to be shared and distributed for everyone to feel and enjoy. It is the most important kind of love, but for this to be achieved we must be able to understand it completely. This is why “eros” is easier to obtain, as this involves the physical kind of love. 

However, not everyone wants to experience this consuming lust for another person. It is a part of the whole experience though, as most of the younger generation would like that. A no strings attached kind of relationship is perfect for us since times are changing these days. Commitment is such an issue with us that we would rather have temporary relief on a physical need rather than the relationship. Is there something wrong with this? Nothing at all! Even people of the older generation have inclinations for this, but it is more evident with the younger crowd.

During the late 1900’s, it seemed that the dating scene was contained in bars across the world. Where would you meet people anyway? Restaurants seem to be a bit too formal, while approaching someone in the park can be a tad bit creepy. However, this was how people met those days: you really need to get out of the house and look for a lover. It can also happen in office spaces and other workplaces, but unless it's alright with the company, having romantic relationships at work is a bad idea.

Everything changed when online dating entered the mainstream. It was an exciting discovery for some as it became an avenue to meet someone without actually talking to someone. There are some people who are not really comfortable talking to people, especially in larger crowds. With online dating, you can be yourself without having to show your face. However, there will come a time when you need to reveal yourself to the other person. This is one of the dangers of online dating as there are many con-artists who will take advantage of this anonymity.

If you are new to the online dating scene, here are some tips to help you navigate it:

1. Look For A Dating Site That Can Be Trusted

There are so many dating sites these days; it is hard to look for an actual site that can really help you find that one for you. Whether it’s just for a one night stand or long term commitment, you can find them in any online dating site. One of the key features of a good dating website is its verification of members. There should be a system that checks whether the person trying to register is a real person with the correct identity.

The demographics of the said website can also help you determine if that is what you want. There are also dating websites that offer paid subscriptions with more features and higher security measures, so go for it if you have the extra cash.

For more information about this, you can try to visit sites like to help you out.

2. Be Honest With Yourself And Others

There is nothing more attractive than honesty, especially in dating sites. Trying to claim that you’re somebody else is not just catfishing, but also speaks of your character as a person. Even if you want to try and hide behind your persona, the truth will come out one way or the other. It is inevitable especially if you are going to meet for an actual date.

Lying about your personality or physical characteristics also speaks to your confidence. The other person would assume that you are not happy about yourself; that’s why you had to create another person just to please somebody else. Being honest will actually save you a lot of time and effort in finding the right person. This is because once the other person truly knows you, then he or she will love you in the best and worst of times.

3. Respect the Other Person

Another thing that should be a part of your interaction with the other person is respect. If he or she is not really into you after you interacted, this should be a sign to back off. This is not the movies where if you make more effort, then the boy or girl would be yours. In reality, this would just make you look creepy and they would brand you as a stalker. If they will say no the first time, they will say it again the second. Also, please respect their identity and personal decisions. Nothing is worse on a date than someone who is trying to be preachy and condescending.

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