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Once you get into a relationship you will face many different things, you will experience joy, sadness, heartbreak, and love, and all the emotions a relationship has to offer. But the most important thing is that you work on your relationship to make sure it is a healthy and happy one, because healthy and happy relationships keep people happy and help them deal with day-to-day issues and stress. Studies show that people with healthy relationships are more positive and productive than others with bad relationships. Which means if you are in a healthy and happy relationship you will be happy and healthy as well as successfull!

The first thing you should know is that relationships are not easy and having a happy and healthy one needs work and honesty, becuase people are different and no one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. Your partner might have qualities you like and others you don't. They might even disappoint you at one point, but you have to accept your partner as he/she is. So you need to love your partner in their ups and downs, you need to be there for your partner when they need you. Marriage gives you exactly what you give it. It requires nurturing and dedication. Men and women both need each other’s support. Make your partner feel they can rely on you whenever they need to.

Relationships don't only mean your love life, sometimes you need advice on how to deal with your mother, or your mother in law, or members of your family, and sometimes one side of the family can be the cause of some issues, but this doesn't mean that all respect and understanding is gone. Dealing with the issue you face with other family members the right way will help you and them overcome any other issues you face in the future.


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