Beautiful Bridal Abayas by Selma Benomar

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Beautiful Bridal Abayas by Selma Benomar

Abayas and kaftans are a favorite among women and brides especially Arab women in the Gulf region, as young women are always looking for the latest trends when it comes to abayas and kaftans to have a modest and elegant look.

Many women in the Middle East are used to wearing abayas all the time, Abayas can be worn for every occasion such as engagement parties, weddings, and even meetings, Abayas will give you an elegant and sophisticated feel.

Each abaya style can be worn to a different occasion, as there are many abayas that are designed to be worn if you are attending a party or wedding, and other abaya styles can be worn by the bride herself to her wedding or engagement party. Many fashion designers have included abayas in their bridal collections, so if you are looking for something different and unique a bridal abaya is a great idea.

Selma Benomar, a Moroccan French fashion designer based in Dubai, is known for her elegant and luxurious designs, she is known for creating designs that combine both tradition and modern trends. Selma Benomar makes sure that she always creates unique designs for brides, and each piece is handmade in her atelier based in Dubai.

Selma Benomar offers simple and modern designs that come in different colors and fabrics, and of course, she is popular for her Moroccan kaftans which are classic and traditional but also luxurious and modern.

One of the most important details in a Moroccan kaftan is the belt and of course the embroidery, so Selma Benomar makes sure that she keeps traditional belts in her designs while keeping her signature touch. Selma also pays a lot of attention to the fabrics, their colors, and the cuts. Selma also chooses all her fabrics from Paris and London.

What makes her bridal designs unique is that you don't even need to wear any accessories to complete your look, as each piece is complete on its own with no details added; her designs are also timeless and never go out of trend.

Take a look at these splendid designs by Selma Benomar: