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Beautiful Palestinian Zaffa Songs for Your Wedding

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Palestinian Zaffa

Wedding traditions differ from one country to another and from one region to another, as each country is characterized by its own customs and traditions to celebrate marriage, and these traditions are sometimes similar in areas close to each other.

Palestinians try their best to preserve their customs and traditions, and despite some minor differences between the customs of Palestinian families, the origin of these customs is one, and most Palestinians try to preserve them as much as they can.

Like other traditions, wedding celebrations differ, as they include many celebrations leading to the wedding, there is the engagement party and official marriage signing contract, and other different celebrations, and despite this difference, all regions agree on choosing a Palestinian wedding.

Palestinian weddings have different dances, songs, and zaffa, and one of the most special ones is the zaffa of the bride when she is leaving her parent's house to her wedding night. Even the groom enters the wedding venue with a special zaffa.

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For the most beautiful Palestinian zaffa songs for your wedding and engagement celebration check these songs we have chosen for you.

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