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Beautiful Wedding Photography Inspiration from Saudi Arabia

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Beautiful Wedding Photography Inspiration from Saudi Arabia

Brides and grooms in the Arab World and especially in the Gulf region, are always looking for new ideas for their weddings including creative ideas for their wedding pictures.

With all the technology and tools available now, it is super easy to get great pictures that are unique and artistic as well.

Saudi photographer Reem Bajabaa is one of the most famous Saudi female photographers who loves to capture those romantic and special moments between the bride and the groom.

Salma Jammal, a talented Saudi wedding and portrait photographer shared that her favorite moments in a wedding are raw emotions; no posing just natural moments. Read this interview with Salma Jammal

Another talented Saudi photographer is Tasneem Sultan who loves every moment of capturing a wedding, but what she loves most is when the family and the couple are in tears! 

Here are some ideas for your wedding pictures from Saudi female photographers:

Wedding Photography

Document Every Moment

Saudi brides and grooms are in love with the new trend of documenting every moment of their wedding day including the preparations that lead to this special day.

For example, some photographers set random dates with the couple during their engagement period to take pictures of them while shopping and planning for their wedding.

Groom Getting Ready

On The Day Preparations

On the day of the wedding, the photographer visits both the bride and groom and takes pictures of their day while getting ready for the wedding.

The photographer basically follows the bride and groom every step of the way to capture these unforgettable moments. 

Wedding Details

Create a Storybook

Some Saudi couples even ask their photographers to compile the pictures in a storybook just like a fairytale story. 

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