15 Beautiful Spring Wedding Ideas

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14 Beautiful Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is when many weddings around the world start taking place. With all the flowers blossoming and birds singing, who wouldn't want to celebrate their love in spring?

If you are one lucky spring bride then there are plenty of beautiful spring wedding ideas for you to include in your wedding design and decor.

If you’re having your wedding this spring, then you’ll love the ideas we have for you; from wedding setup, to wedding centerpieces and other details, here are some ideas we love for a fresh spring wedding.


Everything Floral

Spring is all about fresh flowers. You can never have enough flowers at a spring wedding. 

The wedding flowers in the spring season are roses, tulips, orchids, lilies, and daisies among others. Also in season is the elegant Calla Lily (which is quite popular in the Middle East).

Consider adding flowers to other details at your wedding like your wedding cake, check out these beautiful floral wedding cakes.

Click here to see more beautiful wedding floral inspiration from luxury real weddings!

See more floral real weddings here:

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Bird Wedding Theme

Birds always come out in spring; you can't help but notice them. Add some bird designs to your wedding stationery, love birds cake topper, or even have some real birds in beautiful cages around your wedding venue.

Use birds to decorate your wedding. There is no cuter love symbol than two love birds.

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Fresh Fruits

For a fresh and sweet wedding, decorate it with fruits as an alternative to flowers. Use fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables with great texture and color. 

Here you can see some beautiful ways to include fruits in your wedding decor from real weddings in the Middle East:

An Exotic Sunset Fruit Wedding

Tatiana and Wadih's Charming Sicilian Wedding

Dolly and Aren's Rustic Wedding in Jordan

Pastel Craze

For a spring wedding, make sure you use light and fresh color schemes.

When you think of spring colors you immediately think of pastels, so go for a mix of pastels for a beautiful spring color combination.


Check out these stunning pastel-colored weddings:

A Pastel Floral Garden Wedding in Doha

A Pretty Pastel Wedding Theme Photo Shoot by The Day

A Dreamy Pastel Wedding in Amman


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Butterfly Wonderland

Consider including butterflies in your wedding decoration as they will add a beautiful colorful touch to your spring wedding.

Butterflies symbolize rebirth and transformation, and what a better way to celebrate a spring wedding than a colorful butterfly theme. See Butterflies for Your Wedding Decoration.

Check out this beautiful wedding: Magical Butterfly Wedding in Dubai

Ice Cream Stations

Everyone loves ice cream! Have an ice cream cart, add some ice cream details to your wedding decor, such as cones filled with flowers as centerpieces, and many other cute ideas.

Colorful World

Colorful weddings are perfect for spring and summer, they are fresh, fun, and unique! Think of mixing and matching different colors for a fun wedding theme.

Want to have a colorful wedding cake? Check out these colorful wedding cakes!

We also love colorful flowers, take a look at these colored wedding bouquets.


Beautiful colorful weddings you must see:

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Ombre wedding themes have been a trend a few years ago but they didn't really go out of trend, we love the idea of having an ombre wedding in the spring, as it can be included in many wedding details, such as your wedding invitations, wedding cake, centerpieces, and even your wedding dress.

For more ideas on how to plan an ombre wedding theme, click here!


Check out these pretty ombre weddings:

A Rose Ombre Wedding in Lebanon

A Whimsical Purple Wedding in Qatar

Branches and Driftwood Details

For an unusual wedding centerpiece, have long driftwood or branches embellished with flowers.


For more inspiration see these beautiful real weddings we have for you:

An Elegant Rustic Wedding in Lebanon

A Boho Rustic Summer Wedding in Lebanon

Floral Chandeliers

Consider having floral chandeliers or floral ceiling installation that is hung throughout the wedding venue, or over the dance floor is a great way to add flowers in an unexpected way to your wedding.


Take a look at these beautiful weddings with floral chandeliers or ceiling installations:

Le Quartier Wedding in Lebanon By Toni Breiss

A Wonderful Glasshouse Wedding in Qatar

A Pink Floral Wedding in Doha

Eco Friendly Weddings

Couples are becoming more and more aware of how important it is to be leading an eco-friendly life and how effective it can be to support your local vendors and products.

So many couples are trying to include these details in their weddings. Click here to see helpful wedding ideas for an eco-friendly wedding.

Spring Food

In a spring wedding, food should mainly be light and simple. But you also have to consider your guests' choices, as some may be vegetarians or have certain allergies.

  • Have fresh salads served, either individually or let your guests make their own salads by having a salad bar to choose from.
  • Fresh vegetables are great to serve in spring, with grilled chicken or meat.
  • It is always great to serve seafood on a spring wedding. Consult your caterer to know what your options are.
  • Sushi anyone? Consider having a live sushi station at your wedding, your guests will enjoy the interaction and the demonstration.
  • Fruits and fruit-inspired desserts should definitely be served at a spring wedding! Here are a few options for you to consider:
  • Fruit Parfait: A light and creamy dessert! Perfect for your guests to enjoy after a heavy dinner.
  • Ice Cream and Sorbet: Have an ice cream or sorbet stand, for your guests to pick their favorite flavors from.
  • Bite-size cheesecake: Who doesn't love cheesecake? Cherry, strawberry, and blueberry cheesecake is always a fresh option to have at your spring wedding.
  • Get creative with the drinks you will serve to your guests, great drinks for a spring wedding would be lemonade, ice tea, fruit cocktails, even milkshakes.

Spring Wedding Cake Flavors

For your wedding cake flavor, you should definitely choose your favorite! Don't forget to take the groom's opinion too.

Some spring-inspired flavors you might like are lemon, orange, vanilla, and strawberry. Click here to see more wedding cake flavor ideas


Spring Wedding Favors

Consider having spring themed wedding favors, such as potted plants, seeds your guests can plant and grow, jam or honey jars, and many other ideas.

We have some great DIY spring-inspired wedding favor ideas here!

Floral Wedding Cakes

Flowers, blooms, and greenery are the first things that come to mind when you think of Spring, that's why we chose some stunning floral wedding cakes perfect for this colorful season.


See these lovely floral cakes from real weddings here:

A Floral Garden Wedding in Lebanon

A Seaside Pink Wedding at The Dead Sea

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