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Spring Bridal Bouquet Ideas We Love

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Spring Bridal Bouquet Ideas We Love

When we think about spring, the first thing that comes to our minds is beautiful blooms, bright and pastel colors, breathtaking nature, and greenery.

So if you are having a spring wedding, these are the top details you need to include in your wedding! Check out: 15 Beautiful Spring Wedding Ideas

Now let us talk about the most important floral detail of the wedding, your bridal bouquet! For a spring wedding, you will need a beautiful spring bridal bouquet.

Your spring flower wedding bouquet will be in most of your wedding pictures, so you need to choose the right spring bridal bouquet that complements your wedding theme, wedding colors, and flowers.

Peonies, roses, tulips, and hydrangeas, are some of the flowers in season for spring.

For spring we love the idea of a bright spring wedding bouquet, and to help you out we have compiled some beautiful wedding bouquet ideas for spring for you to check out.

Tulip bouquet

Tulip Bridal Bouquets

Tulip flowers are supposed to be a token of passion, love, romance, and a perfect lover. 

What we love about tulips is that they are easy to handle and are available at florists in most countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

For more Tulip bridal bouquet ideas, click here!

Image: A Purple Garden Wedding in Lebanon

peonies bouquet

Peonies Bridal Bouquet

Most brides are very familiar with peonies, as they have become very popular flowers for weddings, especially among brides who are having a spring or summer wedding.

Many brides love peonies and want to include them in their wedding, and there are different ways you can do that other than having peonies in your wedding centerpieces, you can also have a beautiful peony wedding bouquet, decorate your wedding cake, you can also add some peonies to your wedding chairs or your wedding kosha designs.

If you want to add elegance to your bouquet, then a peony wedding bouquet is a good choice.

Check out: 

Choosing the Perfect Peony Wedding Bouquet

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Image: A Dragonfly Wedding in Amman

Roses bouquet

Roses Bridal Bouquet

You can't go wrong when choosing a roses wedding bouquet, as roses are the most popular and traditional choice among brides when it comes to their wedding flowers.

Roses make for beautiful bouquets and arrangements, and as they come in many different colors, you will always find a shade that suits your wedding theme.

Check out: Wonderful Wedding Bouquets of Roses

Image: Dolly and Aren's Rustic Wedding in Jordan

Hydrangeas bouquet

Hydrangeas Bridal Bouquet

Hydrangea weddings are perfect no matter what your wedding theme or style is; from romantic and classic, fun to whimsical, they are simply perfect!

The blooms' colors are what make the hydrangea stand out. They range from pink to blue, including all shades of lavender to violet to purple, from white, blue, to pink, red, and green. Hydrangeas will simply take everyone's breath away.

More ideas on stunning hydrangea flowers for weddings are here!

Image: A Floral Pastel Wedding in Amman


Greenery Bridal Bouquet

Spring bridal bouquets featuring greenery exude a timeless elegance and natural beauty that perfectly captures the essence of the season.

These bouquets are characterized by lush foliage, verdant leaves, and delicate sprigs, creating a fresh and organic aesthetic that complements any bridal look.

From cascading eucalyptus to vibrant ferns, the use of greenery adds texture, depth, and dimension to the bouquet, while also providing a versatile backdrop for pops of color with seasonal blooms.

With their understated beauty and natural charm, these bouquets are a timeless choice for spring weddings, adding a touch of botanical whimsy to the bride's ensemble and creating lasting memories of a day filled with love and joy.

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calla lilies

Calla Lilies

For an effortlessly elegant look, consider Calla Lilies as your go-to flower choice. With their variety of colors, you have the freedom to be selective and create the perfect palette.

Complete your bridal ensemble with a stunning calla lilies bouquet, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your walk down the aisle.

Check out: 10 Sophisticated Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

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