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All You Need to Know About Facials

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All You Need to Know About Facials

When cleansing your face professionally and thoroughly, you refer to this process as a ‘Facial’ to differentiate it from your daily cleaning routine with soap and water.

In a perfect world, our skin and pores would naturally cleanse themselves and get rid of dead skin, but in our modern life and the pollution it comes with, this natural process slows down, therefore we need to take action ourselves.

A professional facial usually takes about 1 hour to get healthy and radiant skin.

Facial Steps:

  • The face is cleaned from all the germs and dirt trapped under your skin, (ladies with makeup on will have to remove it and wash their faces).
  • The pealing process starts by using fruit acids (AHA), and then certain oils such as mint or orange oil are applied on the skin.
  • The face is then gently massaged by pressing lightly on the oily areas to eliminate the grease from the pores. After that, your face will go under an ozone steam to kill all the bad bacteria.
  • Black heads, oils and dirt are removed, either by hand or using some utensils.
  • A mask is then applied to your face to prevent acne and other irritations.
  • Your skin then goes under a light to help reduce red marks and irritations from the cleansing process.
  • Products are applied to your face to close all the open pores.
  • The skin is then massaged using specific creams according to your skin type.
  • If you have dark circles around your eyes, or even wrinkles, certain products will be used to reduce them.
  • After your facial, we advise you to use sun protection.
  • Remember to eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water.
  • Those who have a mixed complexion are the most in need of a facial, to make their skin tones even, cleanse their pores and remove the dirt trapped in their skin.

Important facts you should know:

Avoid putting on makeup for at least 2 hours after your facial (and we personally recommend to let your skin breathe for at least 24 hours).

Those with normal and healthy skin should have a facial at least once after every summer.

If you usually have a facial at home, here are some mistakes you must avoid:

Using steam from hot water.

Using your nails to remove blackheads.

Popping your pimples with your fingers and nails.

So we advise you to leave your facials to a professional.