Ancient Beauty Secrets You Must Try

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Ancient Beauty Secrets You Must Try

When it comes to beauty, we are always looking for the latest beauty trends and tricks, but what about the oldest beauty treatments of our time? We assure you that after discovering these ancient beauty secrets you will look and feel your best.

What we love about ancient beauty treatments is that they are always natural and have no chemicals or side effects, and they give great results.

These ancient beauty recipes and treatments have been used by beautiful women and queens for ages.

Indian women are known for their beauty and flawless complexion. They always prefer to use natural ingredients in their beauty routines, and this is the main reason behind their beauty. As for the Egyptian queens and beauties they believed in all-natural makeup to look as fierce as they used to. And Moroccan women have tons of beauty secrets that keep them looking gorgeous, so as a bride-to-be you’ll need to start taking care of your health and beauty before your big day.

Take a look at these interesting beauty tips and treatments and glow like a goddess on your big day.

Ancient Egypt

Eyeliner: Egyptians used to outline their eyes in an almond shape, in either green or black colors. They believed that galena (kohl) protects the eyes from the sun's rays.

Lipstick: Red lipstick was a fashion statement, even back then! It was made of red ochre mixed with fat or gum resin.

Makeup Remover: How did they remove their makeup? They used cleansing creams made of chalk and oil.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera was highly admired by Egyptians. From skincare to hair care, this succulent made its way into every type of beauty regimen.

Milk and Honey: Both milk and honey were the favorite skincare items of Egyptian women. They used to prepare a mixture of milk and honey and apply it on their faces as a face mask or all over the body as a body wash.

Indian Beauty

Saffron (Kesar): Known as the golden spice due to its golden color, Saffron is used as part of the wedding rituals in India. Saffron milk is drunk by the bride and groom on the night of their wedding. It purifies the blood and therefore makes your skin glow. It is a very expensive ingredient, but it helps treat dry skin, lighten your skin tone and give a special glow to your skin.

Turmeric (Haldi): Indians rub turmeric paste on the couple who is getting married on the night of their wedding. Turmeric is known to improve the skin tone, reduce pigmentation and rashes and reduce facial hair growth.

Sandalwood (Chandan): The Sandalwood tree has a religious significance to Indians. Men and women have been using it for decades to eliminate blemishes, rashes, and blackheads.

Rose Water (Gulabjal): Rose Water is used by the bride’s family as they sprinkle it to welcome the groom’s arrival. Rose Water also helps relax the skin and tone it. It also helps remove oils and dirt trapped under the skin.

Moroccan Beauty Secrets

Green Clay: Used as a mask, green clay deep cleans and removes the dirt and excess oil from your skin.

Rose Oil: Also known as “Moroccan Rose”, is one of the strongest essential oils for soothing the skin and leaving it feeling soft and glowing.

Solid Perfume: Rubbed on the skin to give it a light and beautiful fragrance.

The African Black Soap: Savon Noir, is an all-natural soap that is packed with vitamin E and has antimicrobial properties. 

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