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Beauty and the Heat

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Beauty and the Heat

Summer is here and the hot weather is making it more difficult for ladies to keep their makeup on! As a bride, you don't want your makeup melting all over your face and causing a mess! Mascara and eyeliner smudges are never attractive! 

You need to know that when you sweat makeup tends to fade, especially if you have oily skin.

Here are a few tips for you:


Prep your skin:

If you have oily or over hydrated skin, your makeup will definitely slip and slide with the heat.

Avoid using cream-based makeup products; instead switch to gel-based products.

Use oil-blotting sheets to absorb the oil on your skin.



Use primer before applying your foundation, it will create a barrier between your skin and the heat.

For summer, always pick a lightweight tinted moisturizer, instead of heavy foundation, which can streak and look really heavy in hot weather.

If you want to use your foundation, mix a little with your moisturizer.

Powder foundation is also good to use in the hot weather, and will help absorb the oils.


Blush and Bronzer:

Make sure to use a powder-based blush or bronzer because gel and cream blushes tend to fade or streak in the heat.



To avoid having makeup in the creases of your eyes, prep your lids with eye shadow primer.

A trick that you will love is applying a little amount of eye shadow over your eyeliner, so it won't melt away!

And of course, we don't need to tell you to use waterproof mascara!


Final Touches:

Want to know what's the best makeup trick ever? To set your makeup and "lock" it in, spritz toner or rose water lightly on your face after you finish doing your makeup!

Last but not least, use minimal makeup in summer, it's all about freshness and simplicity!