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Beauty Facts to Know

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Beauty Facts to Know

Have you ever wondered if all the beauty tips we got from our mothers, grandmothers and friends actually work?

Here are a few tricks that we know will have a great impact on your beauty regimen!

FACT: Toothpaste Helps Reduce Pimples
Toothpaste contains alcohol, which dries up the pimple and reduces the swelling. But it doesn’t always work; the pimple has to be new and small, if it is bigger and has been there for more than a couple of days, don’t touch it.

FACT: Hairspray Locks Makeup in Place
Hairspray can actually stop your makeup from melting away, but as it contains harsh chemicals we don’t really advise you to do so. But if you do, spray with caution or apply finishing powder instead.

FACT: Cucumbers Get Rid of Puffy Eyes
Anything cold will make the puffiness go down; cucumbers, potatoes or even freezing-cold spoons.

FACT: Lemon Lightens Hair
When you apply lemon juice to your hair, it will open its cuticles and expose it to sunrays. So doing it for several weeks will make a subtle change, but proceed with caution, your hair might get lighter but it can get an orange shade rather than blonde.