Beauty Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Hair Care

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Beauty Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Hair Care

So we have previously revealed to you the skin care secrets of ancient Egypt in our previous Ancient Egypt article. (Have you missed out on reading it? Take a look here.)
But what about women’s hair care secrets back in Ancient Egypt? It was basically viewed as a piece of art they loved to show off.

They used to braid, dye and cut their hair in all different shapes and styles, they even used to wear extravagant wigs with jewels on them.

Wigs: Wigs were considered as an ornament they decorated their heads with, and one that also protected them from the sun, heat and lice.

Extensions: Believe it or not, women used to wear extensions back then to make their hair look fuller and healthier. They used to braid it and weave it into their real hair by using bee wax and resin.

Henna: Egyptians favored red colored hair, and used henna to obtain this rich color. They also used it on their nails as manicure.



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