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The Beauty Secrets of Potatoes

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The Beauty Secrets of Potatoes

Discover the beauty secrets of potatoes to take care of your skin and health.

Potatoes are known to have high nutritional value and for being rich in essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. They are rich in antioxidants which fight the growth of malignant tumors.

Many women don’t know the benefits of potatoes for their health, skin and hair. This magical vegetable is great for fighting aging and wrinkles; it can also be used to brighten your skin tone and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Potatoes are also rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and zinc, which makes them a natural stimulant that promotes collagen production in skin cells and cell renewal.

The combination of natural enzymes in the potatoes like sugar and vitamin C, are great for peeling your skin and getting rid of dead cells.

There are several benefits for potatoes, here are just a few:

Dark circles:
Potato juice is used to get rid of dark circles around the eye. Put strips of uncooked potatoes directly on the eyes, and keep them for  15 - 20 minutes, then wash your eyes with warm water.

Potatoes are a natural anti-aging fighter, where they help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and will make your skin look fresh and radiant. So we recommend washing the face regularly with potato juice.

Potatoes are a natural treatment for burns caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. All you need to do is apply some potato juice directly on the area you want to treat.

A potato mask can help give freshness and lighten your skin.
Apply grated potatoes to your skin and scrub the area you want to treat and leave for 20 minutes. Then, wash the face with lukewarm water.

Gray hair:
Potatoes are also used as a source to stimulate hair follicles. Peel some potatoes and put the peels in a pot with some water and let the mixture boil, then rinse hair after washing as usual, it will help darken the gray hairs and restore its original color.

For healthier hair:
Grate some uncooked potatoes, squeeze the grates to get rid of the water. Then add an egg and 3 drops of lemon juice. Mix well and massage your scalp and roots. Leave for 20-25 minutes then wash your hair with shampoo and warm water.

Source: Altibbi

Written by: Alaa