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Beauty Tricks from Experts

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Beauty Tricks from Experts

SHAPE Magazine has recently published an article on some very interesting beauty tips given by the experts in the beauty industry.
Here are our favorite tricks:

Layered Liner:

“"If you’re not a professional makeup artist, it can be difficult to line those eyes, but then again liquid liner tends to stay on longer and smudge-free. So what I do is, I line my eyes first with a pencil liner because it’s easier to make that straight line with it. Then I go back on the line with the liquid liner. It’s kind of like coloring! The result? Your eye liner will stay on, smudge-free, and well-lined."’ Ysolt Usigan, beauty and style contributor at Huffington Post

Starbucks Blotting Papers:

"If your skin is on the shiny side, stop by your local Starbucks, grab a handful of those brown napkins, and shove them in your purse. They work better than any blotting papers I've used and they're free. And, don’t feel guilty about pilfering from the coffee conglomerate. If they're charging four bucks for some java and steamed milk, they owe you a shine-free face." Daneen Baird, founder and editor-in-chief of

White Pencil:

"Take a white eye pencil and line the inside rim of your lower eyelid. This really makes eyes pop! Fun fact: Look at the old black/white photos of the gorgeous women of the ‘30s and ‘40s like Marlene Dietrich and you'll see this was done to them. Additionally, if your eyes are a close set, use the white pencil to lightly line the section where the upper and lower lids come together, closest to the nose. This will make them appear wider apart. The key here is to make sure it's subtle." Candice Sabatini, editorial director of


"Always, no matter what season or climate you live in, wear sunscreen on your face, hands, any part of your skin that is exposed.” Betsy Aaron, editorial consultant and staff writer at
Yellow Nails:
"If you get yellow nails after months of wearing dark polish, try scrubbing your toenails with a nail brush and whitening toothpaste. It gets rid of the yellow color. Try it—it works pretty well, and you end up with minty fresh toes!” Roxanna Sarmiento, beauty and style writer, and blogger at