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Boost Your Morning Beauty Instantly

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Boost Your Morning Beauty Instantly

Here are some of our favorite tips to help you save time and look your best in the morning, without the need for too much makeup, or effort.

  • Drink Water: If you don’t drink enough water you skin will get dull and dry. Trade your sodas or coffee for herbal tea to make sure you drink more water.
  • Goodbye Puffiness: Always keep an eye roller with you, it will help de-puff and refresh your eyes. Some eye rollers come with tinted moisturizer and brightener which will hide your dark circles.
  • Shimmer and Shine: Add a touch of shimmer using any highlighting product to the corner of your eyes, your cheeks and brow bones.
  • Mascara: The most important makeup product a woman owns is her mascara. If you don’t feel like wearing makeup, applying a coat (or 2) of mascara will help open up your yes and make you look more refreshed.
  • Lipstick: Add color to your complexion, put on red or pink lipstick for a boost.
  • Spray Toner: Refresh your skin whether you have makeup on or not with a mist of toner.
  • Beauty Sleep: It is not a myth! Beauty sleep can really help you look and feel better. Try going to bed 30 minutes or even 1 hour earlier and you will wake up with a healthier complexion.