Bridal Makeup Looks By Kuwaiti Makeup Artist Alaa Dashti

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Bridal Makeup Looks By Kuwaiti Makeup Artist Alaa Dashti

Kuwaiti makeup artist Alaa Dashti is one of the most popular makeup artists in the gulf region. 

Alaa Dashti gained her popularity after she started working with celebrities in the Arab World.

The Kuwaiti makeup artist has a degree from Lebanona, London, and Paris, in makeup art and tattoo.

Alaa has her own beauty salon called "Alaa Beauty" in Kuwait, not to forget about the makeup classes she holds in Kuwait, Riyadh, and other Arab countries.

Alaa Dashti worked with many celebrities, such as Nawal Al Awadi, Amal Al Awadi, Asmaa Al Mnawar, Balqis Fathi, and Shaila Sabt.

The makeup artist cares most about clear and glowing skin as a base to her makeup, she doesn't believe in following every beauty trend, but instead likes to choose makeup looks that suit each woman she works with.

Her salon "Alaa Beauty" offers all the services needed for brides to look amazing on their wedding day.

Here are some of our favorite beauty looks by Alaa Dashti:

Amal Al Awadi.

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