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Bridal Relaxation During Ramadan

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Bridal Relaxation During Ramadan

If you’re having your wedding after Ramadan, then this month is a great opportunity to relax, and prepare yourself for your wedding.

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of Ramadan:

  • Feed Your Soul: Reading Qur’an, praying and going to Islamic lectures is a great way to keep you balanced and serene.
  • Detox: During Iftar and Suhoor eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and try to cut down on carbohydrates and fat.
  • Feed Your Mind: Another good way to relax is to spend some time alone reading a good book.
  • Nap:  Try and get a 1 hour nap every day before Iftar,  it will keep you relaxed and energized.
  • Pamper Yourself: Start a beauty routine, go to the spa, get a facial or any beauty treatment you need.