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Foods for Strong and Healthy Hair

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Foods for Strong and Healthy Hair


Hair grows an average 1.5 to 2 cm per month, and usually the hair growth in summer is larger than in winter. Hair is composed of a substance Keratin, and the existing natural melanin pigment in the crust of the scalp are responsible for hair color, and when there is an imbalance in the pigment the hair turns gray.

There are many problems that your hair can face such as dandruff - oil - dryness –brittleness- falling,

There are numerous reasons; which cause hair loss:


  • Aging and associated diseases such as diabetes.
  • The nature of water, particularly limestone water and salty water.
  • Climatic conditions such as heat, humidity and environmental pollution.
  • The psychological state such as fatigue, stress and anxiety.
  • Disruption in the balance of hormones.
  • Lack of protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • The use of hair dyes.
  • Medical reasons like alopecia, and fungi.

To have a healthy hair, a good diet is essential to provide hair with all the needed nutrients, and here are some of the most beneficial foods to strengthen hair.

Meat and chicken: Rich in Proteins that provides the hair with the amino acids necessary for the germination of hair, as Protein deficiency in ones diet may lead to hair loss.

Spinach: Rich with the Biotin Vitamin that is beneficial for the hair, especially in relation with the grease excreted by the skin and the scalp. In case of Biotin deficiency, the person suffers from split ends and hair loss.

Carrots: Rich in Beta - Carotene which the body converts into vitamin A, which is very important for the sight and the hair.

Whole grains: Provides the hair with the B group vitamins, that are essential for securing healthy hair, fighting grey hair and restoring its natural color. Moreover, these vitamins are important to regulate the secretion of the oily substance to maintain the hair moisture. Plus, whole grains contain some very important elements such as Zink and Iron.

Dark green leaved vegetables like lettuce, mallow and Watercress, which are rich in vitamins and minerals that contribute in the production of the oily substance Sebum that is originally produced by the hair follicles. This substance is essential to secure the moisture of the hair and protect it from exposure to drought and embrittlement.

Flaxseed and fish, especially Salmon, Oysters and Sardines, are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, and there non-existence may lead to dry scalp and weak hair that misses vitality and freshness.

Eggs contain high quality proteins that are rich in all the basic and non basic amino acids.

Walnuts and nuts are rich in proteins and fatty acids that give the hair its strong structure during the formation process; it also contributes in giving the hair the flexibility and softness. Nuts also provide the hair with the basic elements like Selenium and Zinc, which their deficiency may cause dryness of the scalp and hair loss.

Legumes: Like Lentils, beans and chickpeas provide the hair with big amounts of proteins ,iron and zinc.

Liver: One of the richest foods with Iron that is essential to prevent hair loss.

Low fat dairy products: A very good source for Calcium, Proteins and Vitamins that are important for growth.

Avocado: Contains Vitamin E and unsaturated fat, necessary for healthy hair growth.

Berries: Has the antioxidants that stimulates hair growth and provides us with a healthy scalp.


Next are some of the most important nutritional tips and guidance for hair care:

It’s really important to wash your hair with clean and pure water and free from any deposits that might be harmful.

Do not shampoo your hair daily, instead do it two or three times a week. Making sure you rub the scalp through a light massage movements to activate the capillary blood vessels in the scalp.

Hair must be combed with an appropriate hair brush depending on the volume of the hair, and it’s advised to use a non-wooden-tipped hair brush.

Reduce the use of the hair dryer as much as possible, as well as hair dyes and chemicals, as they have a bad affect on the hair follicles.

Eat a balanced healthy diet rich in all the basic elements that the body needs.

Stay away from smoking and drinks rich in Caffeine like tea and coffee as much as possible.

Avoid staying up late, stress, tension and nervousness. 

Focus on including vitamins and minerals in your diet, especially vitamin B12-B5-A- Iron-Zinc- Selenium and omega 3, as they play a big role in the prevention of hair loss and promoting growth.

Do not follow a harsh diet to lose weight quickly, as that leads to a deficiency in the basic and essential minerals that are important for hair and body growth, as mal nutrition leads to hair loss.

Working out regularly stimulate blood flow to different parts of the body including hair, and this nutrient-rich blood nourishes the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.

And now we know how important it is to maintain a healthy diet as hair growth is affected by nutritional factors, as a healthy diet is the key to proper healthy hair.



Laura Wahhab