Green Bar Launches in BEYOU Boutique Dubai

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Green Bar Launches in BEYOU Boutique Dubai

BEYOUboutique, the must-visit Concept Store that recently opened doors in Dar Wasl Mall in Dubai, has revealed the latest products from nature loving, beauty oils brand, Green Bar.

Founded in 2006 in Bahrain by Reem Al Khalifa, the brand specializes in beauty oils, that aim to instill peace and tranquility in the body from within. The range is a carefully selected variety of exotic botanical oils that are creatively reinterpreted to suit today's world - with a hint of Babylonian nostalgia! 

Art lover and founder, Reem’s interest in the connection between the mind, body and soul, eastern chakra knowledge, and over 10 years of practicing yoga, brings Green Bar users and devotees a wellbeing experience, and an opportunity to experience her personal dream of the Middle East. She personally sources the best in luxury botanical oils for Green Bar.


The brand passionately creates beautiful botanical products including hair and body oils and so much more. All ingredients are nature’s finest, with some being rich in history and well known in ancient cultures. From Morocco’s argan and Sudan’s sesame to India’s coconut, the extravagant products celebrate these by creating simple and real recipes that satisfies mind, body and soul.

Green Bar’s oils have taken a step back into history, creatively revamping, rebottling, and minimally refining what is the natural simplicity of traditional beauty.

Green Bar is available at BEYOUboutique, the fashion lab of HH Sheikha Maytha. The space has quite a reputation of providing a platform to creative talent, emerging designers and more established names in the industry.

BEYOUboutique is located on ground floor in Dar Al Wasl Mall on Al Wasl Road, Dubai. You can purchase online at

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