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How Not to Cry On Your Wedding Day

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How Not to Cry On Your Wedding Day

If you’re the kind of girl that has tears coming down her cheeks as soon as she gets sad or even starts laughing? Then you will probably have a few tears coming down on your wedding day as well.

The last thing you want is to ruin your makeup and have panda eyes for the rest of the night. So what to do? Keep your emotions in check! Here is how you can stop your tears on your wedding day:

Breathe: You need to take control of your breathing, breathe deeply and slowly and you will start feeling calm again.

Drink Water: You have a lump in your throat? Liquid will ease the tension in your throat and make it go away in no time.

Pinching: Yes, pinch yourself! It’s an old school trick to make your tears stop from coming out. Pinch the skin part that joins your thumb and your first finger.