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The Knightsbridge Clinic - A Haven of Cosmetic Treatments for the Bride to Be

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The Knightsbridge Clinic - A Haven of Cosmetic Treatments for the Bride to Be

Situated in the heart of London’s exclusive Knightsbridge district within a walking distance from Harrods, The Knightsbridge Clinic offers a full range of medical cosmetic treatments for both the face and body that are ideally suited for the bride-to-be.

Working from symptoms to solutions, The Knightsbridge Clinic puts your needs first, creating an individual treatment plan designed to look and feel like the best version of yourself.

Established in 2008 by Dr. Lamia Eltohamy, The Knightsbridge Clinic has developed a reputation for offering clients, including brides-to-be, the best possible advice on medical cosmetic treatments that enhance your features, soften your look and make you feel amazing about yourself.

Knightsbridge Clinic

Dr. Lamia Eltohamy is one of London’s most sought after cosmetic doctors who has been a medical practitioner for over 18 years. She is a highly experienced doctor who has extensive knowledge on a wide range of cosmetic treatments including Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers and the 8 Point Lift.


  • What are the services they offer?

Many brides-to-be opt to have cosmetic treatments and surgeries before their wedding day to look flawless on their big day, and to have perfect wedding pictures that they will be happy with for the rest of their lives.

There are several treatments offered at The Knightsbridge Clinic that will make sure you look and feel great on your wedding day; whether it’s Botox, fat removal, dermal fillers, lip enhancement or a Rhinoplasty (nose job), you will find all the cosmetic treatments and the latest non-invasive face lifts and body sculpting treatments available at Dr. Lamia Eltohamy’s clinic.


The Knightsbridge Clinic offers complete face and body rejuvenations for women who flock to the Clinic from the UK, other European countries and from the Middle East. 

“Whether it’s a complete face and body rejuvenation, a full treatment plan that makes sure she looks glowing on her big day, or offering her a non-surgical body sculpting where she could lose 1 to 2 dress sizes without a surgery, or treating her stretch marks and cellulitis, we make sure our patients receive the best cosmetic treatments available out there”, said Dr. Lamia Eltohamy.

“We are seeing more patients visit us from the Middle East as all our treatments are top in the UK, and the machines and the products that we use are internationally approved and ONLY available in the UK”, added Dr. Eltohamy.

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Dr. Eltohamy is exceptionally skilled in fat removal and body sculpting. One innovative treatment offered at The Knightsbridge Clinic is CoolSculpting™, a cutting-edge, non-invasive procedure that uses cryolipolysis – aka ‘fat freezing’ – to break down stubborn fat cells so that they can be eliminated naturally by the body. This treatment can be used to complement a bride’s diet and exercise regime, helping you to achieve that firmer, smoother silhouette you’ve been working towards.

One of the latest treatments that is giving The Knightsbridge Clinic a great competitive edge, is Plasma injection.  This treatment, which rejuvenates the skin and under the eyes area, is carried out with the help of one of the most innovative machines available only in LA and London and offering fantastic results.

“It's really getting better day by day, I can see the difference between my skin before and now, and it's not a complement, this is the truth. All the people around me have noticed that. Thank you for making me beautiful”, said one of Dr. Lamia’s patients who did the plasma injection treatment lately.

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If you’re a bride-to-be looking for a confidence boost, a glowing face or the perfect body you always wanted to fit that beautiful wedding dress into, then why take chances? Contact Dr. Lamia Eltohamy today for a consultation!

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