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Mascara Tricks for Fuller Lashes

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Mascara Tricks for Fuller Lashes

Every woman wants her lashes to look fuller than they actually are. Fuller eyelashes make your eyes pop and give you a more feminine look.

If you’re not a pro at putting on fake lashes, here are a few tricks that will help you get fuller eyelashes naturally.

Applying Coats: Apply more than one coat of mascara, but make sure you apply the second coat while the first coat is still wet, so you won't get lumpy lashes.

Clear mascara primer: We love this trick because it’s so easy, before you put your mascara on, make sure to cover your lashes with clear mascara primer.

Dust Powder: Dusting a bit of powder on your lashes before applying your mascara will make them look very thick and lush.

*Tip: For extra thick lashes, use the clear primer, then powder your eyelashes, then apply mascara.

Mink Your Lashes: Apply brown mascara first then black mascara to give your eyelashes dimension.