Polly & Bella Release 2017 Bridal Hair Accessories

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Polly & Bella Release 2017 Bridal Hair Accessories

The ‘First Water’ Collection by Polly & Bella is named after the 17th century term used in the jewelry trade referring to gemstones that are of the finest, highest quality linked to the clearest drop of water.

Polly Edwards and Bella Brilla’s new collaborative label Polly & Bella is exactly what the term depicts, of unsurpassable calibre.

Handmade in the UK from the latest Swarovski Innovation Crystals each design exudes quality.


The design influence for the collection is the cut of a diamond, its translucency, bold, dramatic, and show stopping in order to portray this in the anticipated glory the whole collection is made using Swarovski innovation elements such at the Kaputt stones designed with Jean Paul Gautier in mind and colours that reflect the botanical aspect of weddings, bringing in the panatone color of the year in the designs incorporating scarabeaus green and dorado and rose gold.

Two designers renowned for their love of design and fashion influences, accumulating over 35 year in the accessory design business, adorning the heads of a vast array of public figures and celebrities, have created a power house of design and manufacturing in the Special Occasion Accessory Market.


The First Water Collection celebrates color, shape and form, it is bold and beautiful and makes for a head piece that will people will talk about for a very long time.





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