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Steal His Beauty Products

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Steal His Beauty Products

Women are always looking for the next big thing when it comes to beauty products, but what if we tell you there are some great beauty products you can find at the men section? Yes, you read it right, men section!

Here are some men products that women can use to give their beauty routine a boost:

  • Dove’s new Men+Care line includes a body and face wash! Pick up a bottle yourself to save you some time as well.

  • Men’s facial hair is much coarser than women’s body hair;men's razors have 4 to 5 blades as opposed to some women's razors that have 2 or 3. Get a men’s razor to make your legs feel smoother.

  • Men’s deodorant usually works better ar killing bad odors; you can stick to your usual deodorant, but pick this up for those hot sweaty days.

  • Vaseline’s Men Face and Body Lotion is the cure to dry skin; whether for your face or body.

  • Shaving cream or mousse, there is a reason why men apply this on their face before they shave; it makes the process easier and your skin softer.