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Best Chocolates Shops in Dubai Mall

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The Top Chocolates Shops in Dubai Mall

No celebration in the Arab world is complete without something sweet; chocolates are an essential part of every event in the Middle East - be it an intimate home celebration or an extravagant affair at a venue.

Brides always look for the best chocolate quality and the most beautiful wrapping and set up for their chocolate trays and favors. 

Chocolates are served at weddings in the Gulf region on trays passed around during the wedding or placed on stands or trays at the guest's tables. Before the bride leaves her parent's house for the wedding reception, chocolates are also offered to the close family members and friends who join to see off the bride and congratulate her. 

You will find the best chocolate shops from around the world for your Dubai wedding at shopping malls and centers around the city. These stores sell local artisan chocolates, as well as, imported chocolates. Here is a list of all Dubai chocolate shops.

If you prefer to shop at shopping malls, and in particular at the world-famous Dubai Mall, below is a list of the chocolate shops in Dubai Mall for your wedding or any special event.

Al Nassma

Al Nassma Chocolate LLC

Located on the lower ground floor in Dubai Mall,  Al Nassma is more than the first and finest camel milk chocolate. It symbolizes the discerned taste of the Arabian world and unique quality product.

For the traveler, Al Nassma is the treasured memento of Arabia. Al Nassma is the only chocolate in the world that uses camel milk. The unique Arabian taste and unique and high-quality chocolate invite you to the world of premium sweets.

Forrey & Galland Chocolatier

Forrey & Galland Chocolatier

Located on the lower ground floor in Dubai Mall, Forrey & Galland, the haute couture of French chocolate in Dubai, offers the highest quality of chocolate with unique and subtle flavors that will surely ravish your palate. With each occasion, Forrey & Galland has a special theme dedicated to mark its celebration. For special events such as weddings or birth, our team is equipped to handle the event decoration. From centerpieces to table displays and dessert tables, their team will work alongside you to create and produce an original theme.



Located on the lower grand floor in Dubai Mall, Läderach, the chocolate family has stood for top-quality handcrafted Swiss chocolate and confectionery specialities since 1962. 

The company produces exclusively in Switzerland. Their artisanal products are currently sold in over 80 Läderach chocolates in Switzerland, Germany, the UK, the USA and Canada, as through sales partners in the Middle East and Asia.


Lakrids by Bülow

Located on the lower ground floor in Dubai Mall. Born into a family of entrepreneurial spirits, Johan Bülow always knew, that he wanted to create something special. He threw his passion and attention into licorice – a Scandinavian favorite that he felt was underappreciated and deserved to be taken seriously. He put in the hours and learned the craft the hard way, and by 2007 he was ready to cook, roll and cut his very first product. This place is known for its world-famous chocolate coated licorice.



Ladurée is a French luxury bakery and sweets maker house created in 1862. It is one of the world's best-known premier sellers of the double-decker macaron, 15,000 of which are sold every day. Ladurée offers a wide range of unique classic and seasonal macaron flavors. 

Pierre Marcolini

Maison Pierre Marcolini

Located on the lower ground floor in Dubai Mall, discover the modern cultivation of luxury chocolates. Maison Pierre Marcolini was founded in Brussels in 1995 by Pierre Marcolini, renowned for his expert skill and passion for creating the world’s best chocolates. At present, Pierre Marcolini is the creative director of Maison Pierre Marcolini, where he has built a reputation not just for his chocolate but for his ethical standards, sourcing premium cocoa directly from independent producers in Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Madagascar, and Vietnam.

Maison Pierre Marcolini now has over 40 stores in several countries, including Belgium, France, the UK, Monaco, Japan, and China.



Neuhaus, the creator of the famous “Belgian Praline” in 1912 and the equally famous “Belgian Ballotin” gift box in 1915, is passionate about creating an extended range of exquisite chocolates for both the eye and the palate. The chocolatier handles top-quality ingredients with close to 160 years of know-how and craftsmanship that have started in 1857 at its first store in the prestigious Galerie de la Reine in Brussels.

The perfection of Neuhaus luxurious chocolate boxes makes them a pleasure to gift and receive. Neuhaus Créateur Chocolatier is internationally renowned with boutiques in Brussels, London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, and, now, in Dubai, as well as in many more metropolis and international airports across the globe. All Neuhaus chocolates are made in their own ateliers in Brussels. Neuhaus is also an Official Supplier to the Royal Court of Belgium.



Patchi in Dubai Mall is located on the lower floor of the mall, a trendsetter since 1974 and the creator of the chocolate gifting concept, today Patchi is a premium brand with a distinctive heritage, expanded and properly established in over 21 countries. 

Innovation. Trendsetting modernity seamlessly balanced with heritage. A true passion for premium chocolate. Savoir-faire. Remarkable experiences. The sharing of exquisite moments. A celebration of quality and handmade craftsmanship. Patchi is all this and much more.



Located on the second floor at Dubai Mall, from their quaint Georgian townhouse in London, the Truffleers have been enjoying these exquisite Truffles since their great-uncle Claude returned from his Grand Tour of France in 1931. Since then, these delectable truffles have been a proud family tradition, and now, the family is delighted to share them with you. From chocolate to hazelnut to Arabic coffee, there is a truffle for every palate and every occasion. 

Vintage Chocolate Lounge

The Vintage Chocolate Lounge

Located on the second floor in Dubai Mall, The Vintage Chocolate Lounge introduces, for the first time, healthy and nutritious characteristics of chocolate through unique savoury recipes, which could not be developed using commercial chocolate. Made of the finest cocoa, our fresh, all-natural gourmet chocolates are prepared by a qualified team of chocolatiers. Created in a temperature-controlled chocolate room and state of the art equipment at our premises, guests will be delighted by the high-quality flavors of chocolate.

Vivel Patisserie

Vivel Patisserie

Vivel Patisserie is a family-owned business that opened its first store in Dubai in 1992, with currently nine Vivel stores in the UAE; 6 in Dubai, 1 in Abu Dhabi, and 2 in Al Ain. With over 22 years of presence in the GCC retail market, Vivel has been able to establish itself as a premium well-known brand among the affluent GCC nationals. In addition to GCC nationals, their products are very popular among visitors from Russia, Japan, China, and former Russian Countries, such as Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

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