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Best Flower Shops in Riyadh

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Best Flower Shops in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia has a huge flower market that is filled with amazing flower shops. Some flower shops also in Riyadh offer online services and delivery.

Riyadh is one of the most important cities in Saudi Arabia when it comes to flowers and arrangements. 

If you're planning your wedding in Riyadh, and don't have the time to search for the best flowers in Riyadh, we have a list of the best flower shops in Riyadh for you here: 


Bliss Flower Boutique

A boutique that offers custom floral decor and design services. Bespoke by Bliss is one of the only companies that envisions, designs, plans, and oversees all key components of an event in-house. At Bespoke by Bliss, they make sure no detail is overlooked.

Their experience and personal touch ensure a seamless and cohesive event, whether it is a private gathering for family and friends or a corporate affair regardless of the guest count. They offer expert site selection, budget development, supervision of creative partners and third-party vendors, catering and menu planning, invitation management, and the creation of detailed day of timelines.


Gardenia has two branches in Saudi Arabia, one in Riyadh, and the other in Jeddah. It is also one of the biggest flower shops in Saudi Arabia.

The place also offers online services, for costumers to order their arrangements online for any event.

Nawader Al Tabiyaa

Mr. Nahrawi supervises on all the flower arranagements in the shop and is responsible for the flower arranegements at weddings.

Nawader Al Tabiyaa are known to create unique centerpieces and bridal bouquets, as well as, car decorations for weddings.

Another service provided by Nawader Al Tabiyaa is gift wrapping, as well as, delivering flower arragements anywhere within Saudi Arabia.

Spring Rose

This flower shop is one of the most popular flower shops in Riyadh, and will create flower arranegements and bouqets for your wedding from a wide range local and imported blooms.

Story Flowers

Story Flowers specializes in bridal bouquets made of artificial flowers, as brides can choose any type of flower no matter what season they are getting married in.

The bouquets look very real and are made of the best material.

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