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The Best Mascara Tips and Tricks

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The Best Mascara Tips and Tricks

Every woman wants her lashes to look fuller than they actually are. Fuller eyelashes make your eyes pop and give you a more feminine look. We all love to have long, lush lashes! But there might be some extra mascara tips to help you get better results and mistakes you should avoid.

When it comes to your bridal eye makeup, your lashes make all the difference! They are really one of the essential parts of your final makeup look. But there is so much more than only applying mascara on your lashes, there are tips and tricks you can learn that will help your lashes look fuller and longer.

This guide will help you be a mascara expert and have the perfect lashes every time you go out.


Lash Primer


Clear Mascara Primer: We love this trick because it’s so easy, before you put your mascara on, make sure to cover your lashes with clear mascara primer.

Dust Powder: Dusting a bit of powder on your lashes before applying your mascara will make them look very thick and lush.

Tip: For extra thick lashes, use the clear primer, then powder your eyelashes, then apply mascara.


Pick The Right Mascara Brush for Your Lashes

Short Lashes: Go for a rubber brush, which is more flexible and can reach all the tiny lashes.

Separated and Light:  Pick a brush that is thicker and rougher to add more volume to your lashes.

Dull and Grey: Opt for a comb brush, which will help you cover the lashes from top to bottom.


Coat The Right Way

Over-coating: Applying several coats of mascara will make your lashes look stiff. Mascaras are only meant to be layered twice. The more you put on, the more likely it will dry mid-application.

Cover Your Roots: Always apply mascara to the roots or base of your lashes to make them look longer.

Mascara Tips

Use it Right

Pumping Your Mascara Wand: Mascara tends to dry when exposed to air, and we all have a habit of pumping the wand to get more mascara on it, but this will only cause it to dry faster.

Throw it Away: Don’t hold on to old mascaras as they can cause eye infections.

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