Best Pastry and Sweets Shops in Jeddah

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Sweet Shops in Jeddah

Desserts pastries and sweets are a big part of any occasion, no celebration is complete without some sweets, and brides are always looking for the best quality and most delicious sweets to serve at their pre-wedding events and also on their wedding day.

Brides in Saudi Arabia are always looking for unique dessert ideas to serve their wedding guests, in the GCC especially in Saudi Arabia indulging guests in the most delicious food and dessert is very important, so you will see many catering companies and shops creating the most unique dessert ideas.

Jeddah is home to many great dessert shops, there are also many great chocolate shops in Jeddah that create wonderful chocolate trays and favors for weddings.

But if you are looking for the best sweets shops in Jeddah we have a list here to help you out.

Aani & Dani

Aani & Dani began as a vision in the 1998s of Mr. Khaled Al-Othaim. Khaled knew that many European countries, particularly Belgium and Switzerland, produced the best chocolates, cakes, and sweets the world had to offer. Hundreds of flavors, along with various colors and textures, were painstakingly blended to create luxurious sweets, and presented in ways that appealed to all five senses. They were amazingly fresh, incredibly elegant, and beautifully formed.

They always strive to make new tests and modern handcrafted designs that compete with the world's best standard chocolates, cakes, and macarons by making our signature in each element we make.

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Aljonah for Desserts & Catering

Al Jonah is a Saudi company with an international direction and ambition company which has been established in 2003 by opening the first showroom at Safa district in Jeddah. Al Jonah providing a lot of mixed items in a professional homogeneity consist of eastern and western sweets, pastries, a high-quality kitchen to prepare all kind of global foods, and outside catering for all kind of parties and events, including a private section for Koshas and flowers in an innovative design and finishing.

All of that supported by a high professional administrative and technical manpower providing the highest performance level, strategic planning, and future visions.

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Al Kanafany

The Kanafany concepts to serve quick fresh and made to order, home-style kunafa, baklava, and maamoul that can take home and shared by families or friends that will satisfy their craving for traditional Arabic sweets.

Kanafany Original Sweets was established in April 2008, due to the gratitude of the proprietor Mr. Mohammad Hussain Al Amar Al Dossary with the Arabic traditional sweets, in which at the moment is virtually and almost forgotten by several Arab individuals, particularly in the Gulf Regions. The owner believes that creating stores that offer freshly cooked superior and home-style made to order kunafa, baklava and maamoul will carry back the customs and tradition and preserve it flourishing from generation to generation.

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Al Qusor Sweets

For everyone who wants a wedding decorated with the most beautiful trays and baskets for hospitality and an irresistible taste of sweets and chocolate, Al Qusor Sweets offers Eastern sweets, Western sweets, pastries, natural juices, and chocolates.

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It started in April 2015, with an idea to introduce caramel apples in their home town Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

As they grew, they added a selection of mouthwatering delights including but not limited to smoothies, mini pancakes, s’mores, and many more sweet treats.

The idea is to enter the shop and find out a variety of selected hot and cold desserts, smoothies and fresh juices, milkshakes and flavored soft drinks, and finally hot and cold coffee shakes!

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Caramel Jeddah has been in the business of Patisserie making since 1989. Since our first shop opened its doors, Caramel has established itself as one of the most creative patisseries and cake producers in Jeddah, consistently placing quality above all to the delight of their discerning clientele.

Caramel is rightly renowned for its specialties unobtainable elsewhere in the kingdom. As well as over the counter sales, Caramel provides an efficient order service. From the smallest order to the largest banqueting table, Caramel is poised to cater to your every desire. 

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Munch Bakery

What is amazing about Munch Bakery is that they offer online orders for all sorts of events, they offer different cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and cheesecakes, as well as delicious drinks.

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Nabeel Nafisah

Nabeel Nafisah sweets company has always been specializing in authentic Syrian Arabic sweets. Nabeel Nafisah sweets were founded by Abdu Nafisah the grandfather of the family who inherited this profession from his ancestors.

You will find the most delicious Syrian and Arabic sweets for all your events.

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Pink Camel

It all started with a macaron in the leading macaron pastry shop in Paris (Laduree). The flavor was salted caramel, the texture was perfect, and after the first bite Pastry Chef Mayada Badr was hooked.

Mayada had decided she wanted to introduce her version of high-end French Pastry to the Saudi market, and thus Pink Camel was born and opened its doors for the first time on July 21st, 2012 in Jeddah. A name that now stands for pure indulgence.

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Rose Sweets

Rose Sweets have been creating the most delicious sweets for over 20 years, they make sure they use the best ingredients for their sweets.

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