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The Body Positive Revolution of Sposa Curvy

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The Body Positive Revolution of Sposa Curvy

For the very first time at SÌ SposaItalia, a bridal fashion show featuring only curvy models has been made. The "body positive fashion revolution" happened thanks to Sposa Curvy, the made in Italy brand led by Cinzia Pizzichini and Francesca Salvatorelli. Their runway event stirred emotions, raised awareness, provoked thought, and sent a disruptive message: there are no perfect or narrowly defined bodies. Sposa Curvy has always promoted a new vision of beauty based on inclusivity, diverging from standards and conventions, where every woman is much more than the size she wears.

The event at Sposa Italia showcased a new, ethical, and modern path, where dresses are designed and crafted to enhance different body types, allowing every woman to feel unique and beautiful on her most important day.

Sposa Curvey wedding dress


The runway started with curvy models ranging from size 46 to 56 (Italian size) wearing white t-shirts and bridal skirts. Printed on these t-shirts were phrases commonly heard by women with non-"standard" body types when choosing a dress: "you're too fat", "you have too wide hips","you're too short", "you have large shoulders"... Along with music, as a soundtrack, audio testimonies of curvy women and their experiences were broadcasted: "bring a slim friend so she can try on the dress"... "I saw my shapes and my body diminished"... "my first thought was help, I didn't feel physically adequate".Following that, there was a change in tone, with testimonies from proud curvy girls embracing their bodies and their joy in having dresses designed for them, not just adapted ones. The models then showcased the new Sposa Curvy collection. The final dress celebrated this new found awareness, embroidered with phrases like "I love my curves", "I like myself this way", "I am unique", "Flaws don't exist".It wasn't just a fashion show but a moment of reflection, emotional and engaging, so much so that many guests (editors, buyers, influencers) were moved.

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"We were thrilled to bring our brand to Sì SposaItalia and to share our vision and message of inclusivity - stated Cinzia Pizzichini and Francesca Salvatorelli, creators of the 'sizeless method' - The new Sposa Curvy collection stems from a deep connection with our brides, who are the most important source of inspiration for us. Each dress is carefully designed to enhance every body type. Fashion should be inclusive, and we embody this principle in our designs that embrace the variety of female forms. We want to convey a strong message: there is no one-size-fits-all definition of beauty, no bodies worth more than others. Every woman deserves to feel incredible on her wedding day, regardless of her body shape and even if she doesn't fit into a standard size chart. We want to debunk the idea that a curvy woman should be understated; our creations celebrate the individuality and expressiveness of each woman. The greatest satisfaction comes from what our brides tell us: 'I never imagined I could wear address like this.' This is the heart and soul of our Sposa Curvy collection".

Sposa Curvy fashion show at Si Spoaitalia

The new Sposa Curvy collection

The new Sposa Curvy collection celebrates the individuality of every bride, offering a diverse range of styles, from the most romantic ones featuring floral silks and french laces, to bold and innovative designs with luminous fabrics and semi-transparencies, to regal and sculptural gowns in mikado, to lighter and ethereal lines in chiffon and georgette.Each dress is crafted with masterful tailoring and high-quality materials, ensuring an unforgettable experience and a perfect fit for every bride. Sposa Curvy aims to challenge preconceptions about fashion for curvy women, allowing them to express their personality and feel at the center of attention without compromises. Every woman should feel proud and represented in her wedding dress, and the Sposa Curvy collection aims to achieve just that.


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