Bridal Gloves for the Elegant Bride

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Bridal Gloves for the Elegant Bride

Bridal gloves were a very popular bridal accessory in the older days, and it looks like they are making a comeback!

Brides are loving the mix between modern bridal gowns with a classic and elegant touch by using bridal gloves.

No matter what season you are getting married in! There are plenty of different gloves styles made of different fabrics to suit every season, from lace to satin pick the gloves that go best with your  

Choose the right length and style of gloves and make a statement on your wedding day. Bridal gloves can either be short to the wrist or long covering the arm.

After the pandemic took place everyone is wearing plastic gloves even at events and weddings, but a bride is lucky to be able to wear her beautiful bridal gloves and stay safe at the same time.

Here are some beautiful bridal gloves that you will love.

Simple Bridal Gloves

Qatari bride Amna, chose delicate and simple gloves to wear on her wedding day.

 Her wedding dress was simply breathtaking, inspired by Grace Kelly's bridal look. Amna chose to wear short gloves that complimented her wedding dress perfectly.

Click here to see more from this opulent wedding in Doha!

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