Bridal Shops on Abbas Al Akkad Street in Cairo

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Bridal Shops on Abbas Al Akkad Street in Cairo

Abbas Al Akkad street in Cairo, Egypt was named after the big poet and writer Abbas Al Akkad. The street is located in Al Nasr city, which compared to other cities in Egypt is relatively new, and it is one of the most popular streets in Cairo.

Abbas Al Akkad street has many shops and cafes on the sidewalk, from fast food places to clothing stores and bridal shops. The street has a wide variety of shops spread along the sidewalk and is a good option to shop from if you don't want to visit the big shopping mall.

If you are looking for your dream wedding dress, and Abbas Al Akkad street is close to you, then why not check out the beautiful bridal shops located on that street?

We have chosen some of the most popular wedding dress boutiques located on Abbas Al Akkad street for you to check out.

Atelier Alf Mabrook

Located on Abbas Al Akkad Street in front of Orange, the shop specializes in creating, selling, and renting unique wedding dresses and evening gowns.

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Atelier Novias

The shop offers beautiful wedding dresses and evening gowns that suit every style budget. They also offer renting services to any wedding gown at the shop

Atelier Sama

Located in Abbas Al Akkad next to Al Tawheed wa Al Nour in Nasr City, they are always bringing new collections and offering different wedding dress styles.

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Be Bride Wedding Dresses

This great bridal shop is located on 14 Abbas Al Akkad Street, Nasr City. Established in 2014, Be Bride offers a wide range of beautiful wedding dresses and provides an in-house designer who can help you customize your wedding dress. 

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Casamiento began taking over the bridal industry in Egypt in 2010 with the opening of a flagship bridal boutique at 39 Abbas Al Akkad, Cairo. The boutique started to showcase collections known for their sophisticated looks, feminine detailing and offered Egyptian brides a modern approach to bridal design.

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Hatgawez Wedding Dresses

With a wide range of wedding dresses, Hatgawez, located on 4 Abbas Al Akkad Street, offers wedding dresses to suit every bridal style.

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Miss Reem Wedding

Atelier Miss Reem is specialized in wedding dresses, engagement dresses, and formal gowns, the shop has more than one branch in Cairo, and one of them is located in Abbas Al Akkad above Pizza Master.

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Wedding House

The shop is known for the beautiful wedding dresses they get from Turkey, they offer unique and beautiful wedding dresses for all styles and budgets.

The Wedding House is located on 43 Abbas Al Akkad street, next to McDonald's, it is easy to find and you can browse through the beautiful wedding dresses they have to offer.

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Yasso Wedding Dresses

Located on 24 Abbas Al Akkad, 107 Faisal Street, this bridal shop offers a range of wedding dresses and evening gowns. They also rent bridal gowns for those interested.

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