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Candelabra Wedding Decor Ideas

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Candelabra Wedding Decor Ideas

Candlelight is always a great way to create a warm ambiance and bring a romantic vibe to your wedding, especially if you go for an elegant candelabra wedding decor.

Candelabra will elevate your wedding table setup and overall wedding style, as lighting plays a huge role in turning any setup into a glamorous and luxurious one.

Candelabras are very versatile, there are so many candelabra designs and colors that suit every wedding theme and decor, such as gold candelabras for a vintage and rich look, you will find that many vintage candelabras are either gold, rusty, and even copper, or go for crystal candelabra centerpieces that give a minimal and modern look to your wedding table setup.

For that extra sparkle and shine, silver candelabras are always a good choice, you can choose between silver-plated candelabra or sterling silver candelabra.

If you don't want candelabras at your wedding tables you can choose beautiful floor wedding candelabras at your wedding entrance for a beautiful touch of lighting.

To give you some inspiration we bring you some beautiful candelabra wedding decor ideas:


Colored Glass Candelabras

Colored Glass Candelabras

Add a pop of color and a unique touch to your wedding tables with colored glass candelabras!

They are fun and will give that beautiful colorful glow when lit up.

Image: An Extraordinary Indian Destination Wedding at The Dead Sea

Crystal Candelabra

Crystal Candelabra

crystal candelabra centerpieces are a classic and safe choice that works with any wedding theme, color palette, and style.

They will add a rich touch to your table setup without interfering with the colors and decor of the rest of your wedding.

Image: A Magical Floral Wedding in Lebanon

Black Candelabras

Black Colored Candelabras

Add some edginess and drama to your wedding table setup with black candelabras, especially if you are using colored floral arrangements that will add some contrast to your candelabras.

Image: The Luxurious Wedding of Tony El Mendelek and Elena Massabni in Lebanon

Crystal Candelabras

Crystal Candelabras Decorated with Flowers

For luxurious and over-the-top crystal candelabra centerpieces have your crystal candelabras wrapped in flowers and greenery for that enchanted garden look.

Image: A Classical Elegant Wedding in Lebanon

Gold Candelabras

Gold Candelabras

For that vintage and rich vibe, use gold candelabras at your wedding, tall gold candelabras will add a luxurious touch to your wedding table setup, especially if you will have them decorated with beautiful flowers.

Image: A Beauty and The Beast Wedding in Lebanon

Silver Candelabras

Silver Candelabras

Silver candelabras are the perfect decor item to add some glamour and sparkle to your wedding table setup!

Image: Aya and Reda's Destination Wedding in Istanbul

Vintage Candelabras

Vintage Candelabras

For an ancient and vintage wedding theme use vintage candelabras or brass candelabras that have that old-world feel to them.

Image: An Ancient Roman Garden Wedding in Amman

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