Catalonia: An Exclusive and Indulging Honeymoon Destination

Catalonia: An Exclusive and Indulgent Honeymoon Destination

Diversity, plurality, and an impressive array of qualities collectively contribute to creating an atmosphere in Catalonia where one can truly feel at home.

Catalonia has an amazing cultural legacy, a nuance-filled history, and a present that is as successful as its future is hopeful, all help to make this small region one of the most attractive destinations in the 21st century. Cutting-edge art, culture and, of course, gastronomy blend perfectly with Roman and medieval remains, as well as a unique architecture ranging from Gaudí to Norman Foster.

Situated in northeastern Spain, Catalonia is an autonomous community comprising the provinces of Girona, Barcelona, Tarragona, and Lleida. It shares borders with France to the north, Andorra to the northwest, the Mediterranean Sea to the east, Valencia to the south, and Aragon to the west.

Catalonia is all in one: century-old shops, handicraft workshops, design, cutting-edge, fashionable nightspots, and the latest trends.

It is also flavorful: Blessed by a strategic location, both land and sea form the basis of a singular cuisine revolving around excellent raw materials that the best chefs on the planet have made world famous. The region is home to some of the world’s most renowned leading chefs, who have not only been awarded Michelin stars, but also critical and public praise resulting from a visit to any of the world’s most famous restaurants located here. It is indeed haute cuisine, but without ignoring the most traditional gastronomy, a return to roots that, combined with the most demanding cutting-edge sensibilities, converts a foodie journey through Catalonia into a unique experience.

And warmth: Catalonia is one big party and everyone is invited, regardless of age, lifestyle or origin. Welcoming and friendly, Catalonia is a land to make great friends and accumulate great memories by discovering the best that this destination has to offer, among which is undoubtedly the warmth of its people.

Catalonia is cosmopolitan: And it is because cities like Barcelona, its capital, clearly prove this, with its open mind and free, fascinating lifestyle extending throughout the entire land. The distances from this capital are very short if you want to discover new landscapes and customs in such magical places as the medieval villages of Lleida, the Terres de l’Ebre or the magnificent beaches lining the Catalan coast. Some of the best can be found along the Costa Daurada, with its immense, lively beaches, while those along the Costa Brava are set within small hidden coves, hugged by rocks and crystalline waters. This is the Mediterranean in its purest state, partnered for 365 days a year by a wonderful ally: its climate. Catalonia can boast of sunshine almost all year round, as well as quality snow so that you can ski the highest peaks of the Pyrenees during winter. In addition, this advantage is hard to beat.

Catalonia is history: A comprehensive, complex mosaic that encompasses Art Nouveau architecture, locally known as Modernisme, Rome’s Tarraco, the monastery of Poblet and the Romanesque churches as well as Intangible Cultural Heritage such as the Patum festival, castellers (human towers) and the falles (fire festivals) in the Pyrenees, forming some of the most spectacular World Heritage List events.

And major names: A journey from A to Z accompanied by great geniuses who in one way or another have contributed to the grandeur of Catalonia. Dalí, Picasso, Gaudí and Miró as the main exponents of art and more recently great masters of gastronomy such as Ferran Adrià, Carme Ruscalleda or the Roca brothers. All these figures found their inspiration in this land to create and achieve world fame. Welcome to Catalonia.

Catalonia is your luxury honeymoon destination, a sun-blessed Mediterranean region offering thousands of options driven by excellence. Exclusive and fancy spots, breath-taking cuisine, latest and most fashionable shopping experiences, all dressed with a pinch of thousands of years of cultural heritage. 

Costa Brava

Your Honeymoon in Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is a jewel of the Mediterranean, just one hour away from Barcelona. The area allows you to experience true luxury through authentic, sustainable, and respectful experiences and quality and personalised products that are tailor-made for each traveller. The essence of luxury in the destination lies in the closeness, the personal, the authenticity, and the warm welcome that makes the visitor feel not as a tourist but as a guest of the territory.

Feelings of well-being come from experiences that allow visitors to integrate into the activities and genuine lifestyle of its people and its territory. For example, a walk along the coastal paths and medieval villages, delving into the world of Salvador Dalí, tasting the gastronomy in one of the 13 Michelin-starred restaurants, or playing golf at one of the best golf courses in Spain are just some of the proposals that any curious visitor can enjoy on the Costa Brava.

Costa Brava is a destination that welcomes guests year-round with a multitude of proposals and options aimed at all types of travellers who wish to enjoy a peaceful, private, and memorable stay.

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