How to Create the Perfect Dessert Table

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How to Create the Perfect Dessert Table

The dessert table always seems to be the favorite section for wedding guests who love to mingle around the table and indulge in sweet treats.

Brides want their dessert table to look stunning and match with their wedding colors and theme.

So to help you out, here are some tips to make creating a stunning dessert table easy for you:

Mix Height: When it comes to the dessert table, the more levels the fancier it will look. But remember to put the highest pieces in the center and work outwards.

Mix Textures and Colors: Make your dessert table stand out and mix and match different pieces and colors for a unique look.

Bite Size: Always go for small portions when it comes to dessert, like small truffles, chocolates, or small individual cups of chocolate mousse or pudding, as small portions are easier to serve and eat.

Add Details: Once you’re done adding the main pieces and sweets make sure you decorate the empty spaces by adding flowers or other interesting decorations. 

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