Our Favorite Wedding Cake Scenes in Movies

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Our Favorite Wedding Cake Scenes in Movies

These are some of our favorite wedding cake scenes in movies. We thought we’d share them with you for inspiration (or a few laughs)…

The Five Year Engagement: When Jason Segel, who played the role of Tom, takes his friends to taste different wedding cake flavors instead of the bride.

Nanny McPhee: When the children’s father is about to marry a terrible woman, they sabotage the wedding by starting a food fight and ruining the wedding cake.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry: When the homeless witness digs into their wedding cake.

The Wedding Singer: When the wedding singer Robbie helps his new friend, who he soon falls in love with, pick her wedding cake.

Father of the Bride:  When the father of the bride George, sits with his daughter and his wife to discuss wedding cakes with a fancy wedding planner.

Steel Magnolias: Jackson Latcherie wanted a red velvet armadillo groom’s cake, and the red velvet made it look bloody and horrible.