Celebrate Your Wedding at the Lowest Point on Earth: The Dead Sea

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Celebrate Your Wedding at the Lowest Point on Earth: The Dead Sea

Planning a wedding is one of the most important and fun things you can go through in your life. You will cherish the memories of your wedding for the rest of it. 

Destination weddings have been trending for the past couple of years in the Middle East, and more and more couples are planning their weddings abroad.

Planning a destination wedding can be tricky, but with the internet being a bride's first research choice, it has become easier for couples to reach any wedding venue around the world, contact the venue, plan the wedding, and see all the pictures, with just one click.

Jordan is one of the countries in the Middle East that offers a wide variety of wedding venues including hotels, farms, historic venues and sea-side resorts.

One of the world's most amazing natural wonders, the Dead Sea lies more than 400 meters below sea level, making it the lowest point on the face of the earth. Surrounding streams and rivers, including the River Jordan, pool into the land-locked Dead Sea, and through evaporation the waters are a dense, rich, blend of salts and minerals that supply industry, agriculture and medicine with some of its finest products. The Dead Sea's extreme salinity and location have created one of the world’s most unique environments. Pride of place goes to the incredible experience of floating in the Dead Sea; it is impossible to sink due to the buoyancy of the water.

Take a look at the following destination weddings held at the Dead Sea:

Venue Variety

The Dead Sea is known for its minerals and salts, which are used for healing and relaxation, it is also the lowest point on earth with beaches falling under 400 meters below sea level. 

The Dead Sea is blessed with warm weather throughout the year which makes it perfect for destination weddings, particularly in the spring and fall seasons. Brides and grooms should be careful if they are planning on having their wedding at the Dead Sea in the summer months, as it can get pretty hot with temperatures exceeding 40 °C.

Dead Sea hotels and resorts, located on the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan, offer magnificent properties and an array of great venues that are perfect for small weddings and large celebrations of up to thousands of guests.  Check out some of the Top 5 Hotels at the Dead Sea right here!

Dead Sea hotels and resorts boast many different venues which them very interesting for destination weddings. Poolside terraces, lush gardens, restaurants and beach clubs, an amphitheatre... are only a few of the wide selection of venues to pick from. 

For large indoor weddings the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center offers spectacular facilities. 

Stunning Views

The eastern shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan offer spectacular unobstructed views of the sunset creating mesmerizing backdrops for the most romantic wedding pictures. 

There is nothing more beautiful than a backdrop of the sun setting behind the tranquil blue sea of the pristine Dead Sea!

Swipe to see some wonderful Dead Sea sunsets, and take a look at he sunset pictures of this wedding held at the Dead Sea.


Pre Wedding Relaxation

Many couples arrive at the Dead Sea a few days before their wedding to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the sea and pools before the big day. And of course, spending the day at one of the luxurious spas of Dead Sea hotels is the perfect treat you can give yourself. 

Make the most of what the Dead Sea can offer and make sure to try floating in the salty Dead Sea for a relaxing and calming experience. With a 33% salt content, it is roughly 9 times saltier than your average ocean. The therapeutic minerals of the Dead Sea will give your skin that extra glow it needs before the wedding. 

Enjoy the world famous natural therapeutic benefits that the Dead Sea has to offer. The water and mud are rich in minerals and, along with nearby thermo-mineral springs, the Dead Sea offers a well-rounded healing experience that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. The therapeutic and rehabilitative benefits of the Dead Sea have been known to man for at least two thousand years. The unique combination of climatic conditions and natural elements, including sun, water, mud and air, has been proven to treat a range of chronic disorders and diseases. 


Wouldn't it be easier to have your family, friends, and guests all gathered in one place on the eve of your wedding?

When it comes to having a wedding at the Dead Sea, wedding guests, especially those close to the bride and groom, book their rooms for the night of the wedding, many couples decide to spend the day before or the day after the wedding at the Dead Sea to relax and re-energize. 

The Dead Sea area is well known for its upscale hotels, which provide top service and modern services. The Dead Sea hotels encompass a range of restaurants that serve a wide variety of international and traditional cuisines. Many complement their dining experience with live performances as well, so encourage your guests to extend their stay and enjoy a beautiful relaxing staycation at theDead Sea. 

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