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Charity Project by Belief Gives Wedding for a Portuguese Couple

Charity Project by Belief Gives Wedding for a Portuguese Couple

On April 19th, the social project Two+Us made a couple’s dream come true again – this time, Sofia Carvalho Pinho and  José Regedor, from Portugal, got married in Quinta do Roseiral with the help of 59 wedding vendors, who worked entirely for free.  Two+Us is a social project created by Belief Wedding Planners, an international community with 200 wedding planners in more than 30 countries.

The main goal of Two + Us is to offer an entire wedding for couples in need around the world, giving meaning to the structure called marriage and bringing hope and faith in the lives of couples in need.

"It's always a great adventure to plan the Two+Us. Our focus is on the desire of the couple and to make them happy. On the other hand, our hard work is to have amazing people by our side to make this happen in a beautiful way. This was the 4th edition and we are proud of the result and ready for the next editions", says Giovana Duailibe, CEO of Belief Wedding Planners.

Charity Wedding by Belief in Portugal

Sofia and José are both 37 years old and have a long story together. When José was only 17 years old, he had an accident that left him handicapped for the rest of his life. He struggles daily, not only because of his condition but also due to some difficulties that life has presented. 

José has an academic background in several areas and is not afraid of working; he works as a shoemaker. He also receives a state invalidity pension. Sofia works in the administration area. They both work hard in order to provide everything for their family. "Especially for our daughters Leonor, 8, and Madalena, 14. Although they are not José’s blood, there is a TRUE LOVE among them", says Sofia.

"It happens because there is love and I'll always be with him, as I do every day. Be it for the good days, or for the less good days. Our LOVE is what moves us and makes us live. We all have the right to be happy regardless of our situation, "she says.

José’s sister was the one who submitted the story of the couple to participate in Two+US. “They have a beautiful love story and their daily struggle is pretty impressive. We also got a letter from Sofia and, with that, we felt that they would be the chosen couple for the Portuguese edition. We say that we do not choose the couples – but they are the ones who choose us. We are happy to celebrate their love in a way that they have always dreamed of”, says Giovana.

Charity Wedding by Belief in Portugal

Wedding planner Rui Mota Pinto says that when he met with José and Sofia he felt a huge happiness and an immense honor. “When I saw the happiness of this couple in knowing that they would finally achieve their dream was something that simply enlightened my heart. It also made me realize how rewarding it is when someone allows us to do something for them”, explains Rui.

Sofia and José also say that this project made them believe that everything might be possible. “Being part of this project was something unforgettable since day one. When we heard that we had been selected, we thought: ‘We are making one of our dreams come true’. We were able to plan everything as we idealized with everyone that embraced this project. They were tireless to make our day something we would never forget. This ceremony was a very important moment for us. It was a unique situation that we could gather together all the people we love and who have always been there for us”, they mention.

The wedding of José and Sofia had everything that a couple may dream of, and it lasted from 5 pm till 2 am. It was full of surprises. The first one was that the bride chose to wear a black wedding dress from the stylist Susana Agostinho, and jewelry from Sofia Tregeira.

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